About Heidi

Hello, and welcome to Finishing the Hat.  I'm Heidi, and I'm a writer living in Los Angeles.  This blog is a celebration of my journey to better health, creative expression, and living a full and fulfilling life. 

I began my weight loss journey when my friend David introduced me to Richard Simmons in January of 2011.  Richard helped my husband Tom and I begin to eat mindfully, and include exercise in our daily lives.  Since that day, we've lost a combined total of 116 pounds.

As I began to find moderation and practice mindfulness, I made a surprising discovery: the path to good health does not need to be depressing.  Good health doesn't require punishment.  You don't need to be mean to yourself - or to hate yourself - in order to make changes to your life.  In fact, taking care of your health can be an act of kindness, of self-respect, of love.

In this blog, I demostrate how a weight loss journey can be joyful.  How food can be nourishment, not punishment.  How exercise can increase your inner strength every bit as much as your body's strength. 

It may not always be rainbows and unicorns as I work through my addiction, banish my shame and build my self-esteem... but I am forever discovering new ways to live my life fully, and I hope you'll consider following along as I share them here.

I am also...
  • fond of all kinds of culture
  • a happy tourist in my own town
  • head over heels for my screenwriting partner (who is also my husband)
  • a nerd, in all the best ways
  • fond of a retro aesthetic... whether in films, in dresses, or in picnic baskets 
  • blessed with wonderful family and friends who support, amaze, and amuse me
  • a compassionate non-conservative
  • determined that astrology is silly
  • a fairly typical pisces
  • not all that fond of chocolate
  • developing smile lines, probably from smiling a great deal

You may also have seen me...