Progress Photos

It's been fascinating to watch the changes in my body as I've made the changes to my life.

Side-by-side comparisons:

Left: January, 2011
Right: July, 2011
Left: July 2010
Right: July 2011

Left: December 2010
Right: June 2011

Left: December 2010
Right: May 2011

Left: July 2010
Right: April 2011

Progress Photostory:

December 27, 2010: 366

 Here I am with my husband, only weeks before we started the weight loss journey. At the time, I would have been quick to tell you that the bag of chocolate Tom was holding was not for us.  But, then, what does it matter who we bought the chocolate was for, if we were not exercising and eating mindfully?

January 11, 2011: 366

This night changed my life.  My first workout at Slimmons was excruciating, and I only made it through 20 minutes of class. But everyone was extremely encouraging, and I learned to work out from the chair as I got strong enough to last longer.

March 1, 2011: 346

As we made healthy changes to our lifestyle, including carefully moderated portion size and balance, and daily aerobic exercise and toning, our bodies started to respond.

April 9, 2011: 326

July 24, 2011: 306

Stay tuned for more progress as we continue our journey to health and fitness!