Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time, time, time. See what's become of me...

I have SO MUCH I could talk about!  I could...

...give you the full run-down on my decision to go gluten-free for a six month trial, including the tribulations of gluten withdrawal, adventures in gluten-free shopping, and tales of a gluten-free kitchen.

...discus the challenges of exercising with an overflowing schedule, and my new favorite yoga moves for curvy bodies.

...share a bunch of crazy-tasty new recipes that we've been cooking so far in 2013.

...weigh in on weighing in while eating at a slightly higher calorie rate (12 pounds since January, at between 1450 and 1600 calories daily).

...talk about our wonderful trip to Joshua Tree with friends, and talk about the challenges of staying on plan when others are providing the meals (it's all about supplementing with your own healthy snacks so you're not starving come mealtime.) I could also share a whole slew of awesome pictures taken by my photographer friend Roger Fojas, but for now I'll just share one.

...give a sneak-peek of the upcoming Supper Club 600 we'll be hosting in the near-future!

But alas. I have been SO busy the last few weeks that I have zero time to blog. It's a good-busy, though. Exciting things are happening with our writing (and with our writing career!) Tom and I are in a whirlwind of creative projects, with some very fun announcements coming your way soon.

So for now, I have to blog a little less frequently than I'd like. I'll do my best to keep it up as much as possible, but it seems like every day there's new news for us on the writing front, and I have to budget my creative juices carefully.

In the meanwhile, here's a glimpse of the fun that's happening in the Moore-Powers kitchen. When we're not cooking up stories, we're cooking up a storm. This is my menu for today. Everything is homemade, gluten-free and adds up to a total of 1460 calories.

Fat-free greek yogurt with berries
An egg and an egg-white
"Carrot cake" oatmeal

Mexican veggie "lasagna"
Jicama citrus salad with chili-lime dressing

Tomato-basil salmon roulade
1 oz unripened brie
4 rice crackers
Skim milk + vitamins

Mulligatawny soup
Roasted lemon-rosemary chicken breast

Wish you were here! And hope you are enjoying some lovely, healthy, tasty food too - and taking care of you.


  1. i see your posts have stopped some time back. i just discovered you blog. Are u still on your weightloss journey? I am on a similar path. Perhaps we could support one another if you need some fresh inspiration? I'd like to know how you are going on your journey. best of luck.