Thursday, May 5, 2011

On rewards, bicycles, and dresses

There's a trend in the weight loss blogging community to reward yourself with something tangible for each milestone hit.  Some people reward every 10 or 20 pounds.  Some people start small (like a pedicure for 10 pounds lost) and grow gradually with each increment.

I like this idea, but our budget just doesn't allow for it right now.  Two freelancers between gigs equals "let's not buy anything new that isn't completely urgent."  (In other news, if you happen to need the services of a freelance writer, or a film/tv editor, by all means let me know.)

I have found this journey to be reward in and of itself, but there's something nice about the idea of working toward a fun goal.  So I've decided, in the hopes that our next gig comes in, that I will be working toward two different motivational rewards.

At 100 pounds lost (that's my current goal) 
I'd like to purchase a bicycle and some accessories.

I haven't biked since my last one was stolen in college over ten years ago.  So this week, I stopped into Orange 20, a local bicycle shop, the other day.  They were very nice, and very helpful, but it seems like they're focused on selling to the long-term, bike-crazy mindset.  And most of them seemed out of my price range at $1,000+.  They did help me to understand what I'm looking for, considering where I live and what I hope to do.  I'll want a multi-speed cruiser bike with a hand break.

If necessary, I'm sure I could find one on Craigslist or Ebay.  If I have the available funds, though, I have my eye on a few different options that fulfill both my aesthetic style and my laid-back approach to biking.  (I'm no racer or off-road explorer; I just want to enjoy another fitness option with a mellow ride on bike paths or to the Farmer's Market.)

This is the Electra Coaster. I love the retro styling,
and it's gotten great reviews from other riders

This is the Schwinn Jenny 7.  Clearly I have a thing for classic bike styles.

And, of course, if I'm going to go retro, I'm going to need a wicker bike basket.
This one is by Electra.

Plus, huzzah, they've come up with cute bike helmets since I last wore one!
This adorable number is by Yakkay, which has several different hat looks for their helmets.

When the time comes, I'd love some bike advice from the avid bikers. (Especially from you, Bro J)

At my final weight (I don't know what it will be) 
I'd like to purchase a Kate Spade dress.

I haven't locked in a final goal, because I think it will really be up to my body.  No doubt I'll plateau at some point down the line.  In order to reach what's considered a "healthy" BMI, I'll have to lose another 100 pounds from my first goal... but I don't know if my body will make it all the way, or make it farther.  I have seen the pictures of my ancestors, ladies working all day in the fields who are still pretty heavy.  I mostly want to make sure I'm healthy and active and not having to restrict or over-exercise to get to that weight.  So I won't be purchasing any "investment" dresses until some time after I've reached that final weight - so I know that I can maintain it.

I'm not a "label" person - I don't care about wearing logos or being loyal to a particular brand.  But every season, I see the beautiful colors and shapes in the windows of the Kate Spade store as I walk past, and I think "hey, that's what I'd wear every day if I could."  Something about the classic full skirts and the retro patterns calls my name, and I hear they're constructed really well.  It's nice to have a few long-lasting investment pieces in a wardrobe.  (It feels weird to be letting all of my investment pieces go; very little that I was wearing last year fits now, except the things my mother-in-law tailored.)

Here are a few cute examples of Kate Spade dresses:

It is all just, you know, pipe dreamin' at this point, but I look forward to the day that I hop on my little retro bike, in my little retro sundress, and coast off to the farmer's market to buy a bouquet of flowers to tuck in my bike basket.  Can't you just see it?


  1. The bicycles or the dresses!?

  2. I like retro bikes, too. My bf bought me a bicycle, but I haven't seen it yet. I hope it's adorable.

    Speaking of adorable, those dresses sure are cute. The thing I'd like most about being a girl is all the cute stuff to wear!

    And yes, I can so see your cool bike trip to the market. If a lot of us envision it, I hope it will come true sooner!

  3. LOVE the Schwinn bike!! and I may need to look into one of those helmets, once my own budget is back in order ;)

    Great dresses... Gotta love the Kate Spade!

  4. I love the green leaf dress and Schwinn bike. And I can totally see you on your little retro bike in your little retro sundress buying a bouquet of flowers. You will get there and you will have a fantastic time in the process.

    My clothing goal is to look presentable in a pair of True Religion jeans. I'd never spend the money on them but I was gifted a pair by a very generous friend who shrunk too much to wear them. They button and zip but the looking presentable is a long, long way off.

  5. LOVE your goal rewards! Ellen gave away some bikes on her Earth Day show from LLBean that look like the ones you posted, and the prices and reviews are decent. They also have some cool baskets to go on the front. You can find them on their website.

  6. >> I hop on my little retro bike, in my little retro sundress, and coast off to the farmer's market to buy a bouquet of flowers to tuck in my bike basket. Can't you just see it?<<

    Yes, I can! :) You have a fantastic sense of style, and I see why you like the Kate Spade. Pretty, pretty things.

    The beach cruisers are definitely among the more comfy bikes to ride, and I think the choice of gears and a hand brake is good. Single speed is simple, but if you hit a hill or something, it's nice to be able to shift down (or up, when you get a bit of speed!).

    Sitting up like those old-fashioned style bikes do will be easier on your back and your wrists than a standard road bike. And they're pretty! I like the old style, too.