Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friend Makin'... Tuesday?

Happy Tuesday!  And welcome to everyone who has found their way here from Fitblogger, where I am the featured blogger of the day.  Thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll introduce yourself so I can say hello.

I had a wonderful weekend with my family, followed by a smashing holiday Monday with friends.  And that leaves me a little bit...

So all week, you'll find my usual daily series one day behind.  (Except Friday, because I'm skipping Theme-Free Thursday.)

I'm kicking off this week with...

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FMMT: ABC's of Me

Here's how it works...you'll choose topics about yourself, your likes, dislikes, etc.  according to each letter in the alphabet, and share a little with us. Oh shhh...you know you love it. ;)

A is for aqua.  I will shortly be painting my bedroom walls aqua.  It will be so nice to get our bedroom decor together... we've been putting it off for a couple of years.  For me, a well-decorated and organized room leads to a well-decorated and organized brain.

B is for backyard.  I don't have one and I have been desperately wanting one.  For tending to a garden full of beets & blossoms.  For sipping tea and reading (or writing!) a book. For catching a waft of jasmine on the breeze.  Can I come and visit yours?

C is for citrus fruit.  I love to cook with it.  I love to eat it.  And my kitchen is decorated with it.

D is for drama club.  My high school drama club was the first group to which I felt like I truly belonged.  I still treasure each one of the friends I met there.  I imagine that those around us found us tremendously geeky.  But the beautiful thing about us is that we didn't really care what everybody else thought - we loved each other, and we weren't afraid to be unapologetically ourselves.

E is for even numbers.  I prefer to leave the television volume on an even number.  I don't know why this is, but I feel very strongly about it.

F is for freestyle.  I've been swimming for exercise for years now, but I've finally mastered freestyle/crawl recently, thanks to my awesome snorkel.

G is for Greek yogurt.  It's one of my favorite foods.... and I put it in everything lately.  If you're a regular reader, you probably knew that already, though.

H is for Hollywood, where I live.  I love it here. I love our local Farmer's Market.  I love easy access to movies and culture.  I love that the subway runs through it!

I is for inches.  I am surprised how many I've lost since January. Just yesterday, I was laying on the grass in a friend's backyard, and realized I was feeling the bones at the top of my ribcage.  For the first time I can remember.

J is for jewelry, which is one of the only things I collect. I love hand-made and vintage pieces especially.  But really, I enjoy anything that is kind of unique or unusual.  I'm not into fancy gems or stones (outside of my sapphire engagement ring and sapphire-diamond wedding ring) but I love me some bakelite or some vintage Czech beads. 

K is for kitchen.  We spend so much time in there these days, creating our own recipes or testing out others'.  The food we've been eating makes me feel satisfied and healthy.

L is for listening.  I love to listen... to friends' stories, to all kinds of music, to podcasts, to my kittens' purring.  Ironically, I'm nearly deaf in one ear.

M is for movies.  Since the lights went down in the theater where I saw my first one (Cinderella) to the one I saw on Sunday (Pirates) I've had a lasting love affair with cinema.  I watch all kinds of them - and obsessively.  I worked in the industry, and I have aspirations to have my own screenplays hit the big screen someday.

N is for nieces and nephews. I have ten. It is all kinds of awesome to be an aunt, though I wish they weren't all so far away in NorCal, Indiana and Michigan. (At least nobody's in Milan anymore!)

O is for obliques.  Richard Simmons has told me that I am particularly good at oblique crunches.  My obliques just keep getting stronger and stronger!

P is for Powers Waterworks, the name of my production company, should I ever own one.  I got the name from something my father used to say when he picked up the phone: "Powers Waterworks! Which drip would you like?"

Q is for quest.  I still need to post the most recent stage in Cake Pop Quest 2011.  And you need that recipe, because these babies are only 58 calories per pop!!

R is for retro.  I don't know quite how I stumbled into my personal aesthetic, but I just love things that look... how to say?... out-of-date.  I don't mean "Shaw Report" out-of-date.  I mean really out of date.  You kids enjoy your 80s neon stilettos.  I'll be over here in my circle skirt and ballet flats.

S is for Sondheim, my very favorite musical theater legend.  I harbor a secret desire to be a lyricist, though I fear I wouldn't have half of Sondheim's cleverness.  Someday perhaps I'll try it.

T is for television.  I'm not a couch potato, but I do watch a fair bit because I also aspire to write television.  My favorite current shows are Modern Family, 30 Rock, Community, Parks & Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men, and Glee.  My favorite of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

U is for urban-dwelling.  I've known I should be a city girl since I saw my very first skyline.  I was probably seven and it was probably Detroit.

V is for Venice, one of my favorite cities on Earth.  Particularly Murano Island, where the community of glass-blowers create the prettiest objects d'art.  I am nuts about blown glass.  I am still mourning the loss of one of our bags after our honeymoon, which held the Murano vase - our big souvenir of the trip.

W is for writing.  I try to do a couple of hours every day.  It is simultaneous the easiest and hardest thing I ever do.  And I love it.

X is for exes. I don't do well with exes of any sort.  Ex-boyfriends.  Ex-bosses.  Ex-friends.  I am unspeakably awkward once a relationship is through.  I don't mean to be, but alas, this is a shortcoming of mine.

Y is for yellow.  I love so many colors, but yellow is probably my very favorite.  It was the main color theme for our wedding.  You'll see some pictures of it soon.

Z is for zen.  The tenets of Buddhism really speak to me, so I do what I can to gather zen in my life.

All right! I'll be back tomorrow for a Weigh-In Wednesday with an alternative to a fast-food summer "treat" without the chemicals and crap calories.  Hope you're all recovering from wonderful holiday weekends - and that you're taking care of you!


  1. I didn't realize that you love blown glass! I feel the same way. Someday I want to have a bowl by Dale Chihuly, my favorite artist.

    I fell in love with his work when I lived in Oklahoma years ago. His largest permanent exhibition is housed in the OKC Museum of Art, and it was so much fun to see it again in '07. I brought a friend from NYC, and we walked around for hours because we just didn't want to leave.

    I am making a wreath now based on things that I saw in your kitchen..your wreath, of course. ;)

    Loved all of your answers!

  2. Your Twitter name was just demystified! Thanks :)

  3. We were such geeks back in our drama club days, but they were some of my favorites times of my life as well. Good memories!

    Loved reading your ABC's :)