Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday, plus an icy June treat

It's Weigh-in Wednesday (which flows trippingly off the tongue, don't you think?  But next week I'll be back to my usual schedule.)

And this particular weigh-in comes on the heels of 24 hours spent at a barbecue with the tagline, "No place is safe... for meat."  I did indeed indulge in more meat than I usually do - a bit more food, too.  But I'm not feeling down on myself about it.   I faced down tables full of sweets and still managed to lose another pound.  I have a feeling it might have been more, but that I'm still processing the extra salt from the weekend.

Know what I'm also processing from the weekend?  The sweetness of my baby niece, Charlotte!

We had an excellent time hanging out with her and her parents.  And we're looking forward to catching them again soon, in their neck of the woods.

So sweet that my teeth hurt a little bit.  So let's balance that with a tart recipe, shall we?

I've been seeing advertisments everywhere for McDonald's latest concoction, Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.

This is how their marketing team wants you to think it looks.

I've been fast-food-free for five months now, and in that time I've become the opposite of a McDonald's fan.  Their list of chemical additives make me feel almost queasy.

Even if I was offered a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade for free, I'd pass.

According to flickr user karendotcom, this is how it actually looks.
I don't want to gross you out, but it makes me think of two bodily fluids that shouldn't mix.

But I won't lie - the concept sounds refreshing.  So to celebrate June, I made my own.

All of four ingredients. That's it. No xanthan gum, no propylene glycol alginate, and definitely no red 40.

I used my cute-ass electric juicer for a change.

I squeezed half a cup of fresh lemon juice.

Then I crushed 2 cups of ice in the blender.  I poured the lemon juice and one tablespoon of sugar over the crushed ice, and blended for about eight seconds - just enough to make it a slushy consistency. I poured the slush out of the blender and hurried with the next steps, so it didn't melt.

I froze 8 strawberries, and then crushed them in the blender like I did for the ice cubes.
I added a splash of water and blended for another eight seconds.

Layer in two glasses, and sip!

 Very tangy and refreshing - especially nice when stirred together.  And it comes out on top in every way when compared to their nutrition facts!

Hmm, 210 plus 70 equals 270?  McDonald's math.

All right!  I'll be back tomorrow with Adventure Thursday. In the meanwhile, I hope that you'll stay cool and keep taking care of you, my little Junebugs.  'Til next time!


  1. Your juicer is most definitely cute-ass!

  2. I second what David said! :) And I'm going to make a drink like this for myself..for sure!

    And Charlotte is soooo beautiful! :) It looks like you had an incredible time! You look gorgeous as always too!

  3. Ooh, looks tasty, I'll have to try it! Also loving the cuteness that is your niece.... aaaaand your juicer.

    I'm really enjoying your whole blog.

  4. Oh, your version looks wonderful! And I adore your juicer. Where did you find it?

  5. + Mint & Unsweetened Iced tea and you have the most epic Arnold Palmer right there! That's my drink of the summer!! <3

    BTW! You're glowing Heidi! It's wonderful to see :]