Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weigh-in Tuesday with a milestone for Tom, plus ninja athletes and a grilled dessert

Hopped on the scale this morning to find that I'm another pound down.  And kind of amusingly, I now weigh my birthday. Ten more pounds until I bid the 300s adieu for good!

More notable is Tom's milestone today.  He has now lost a total of 46.5, bringing him to 174.2 - which, at his height, gives him a BMI of 24.99 - officially no longer overweight!  Congratulations, Tom! I'm so proud of you. 

I have a long way to go until I am no longer overweight (actually, a long way to go until I am no longer obese) but since I've started, I've reduced my BMI by about 10 points.  (Though, of course, BMI is not a perfect measure; muscle weighs more than fat and I know that I've gained quite a bit of muscle since January.)

That's the tricky thing about losing weight when you begin from a pretty high starting weight.  I am freakin' strong.  But you can't see it.  Well, maybe YOU can, if you've compared my starting weight versus current weight, and you can imagine what that means for my physical power.

On the left, in December.  On the right, this past weekend.
I can hardly believe my glasses are the same size in both pictures... nothing else is!

But if you don't know me, you might see me and assume that I am a number of things.  Lazy.  Out of shape.  At a gym class for the first time.  Those first two are things that are wrongly assumed about overweight and obese people.  Even when I was out of shape, I was never lazy.  That last one, that I was a gym class for the first time?  Someone asked me that before a Slimmons this weekend.  "So this is your first class?"  Nope.  This is probably about my... 60th class.  Or so.  But the "out of shape" thing is not something anyone would say while watching me in the class.  A new guilty pleasure is noticing how much stronger I am than some of the very thin one-time visitors to class.  Just because I am obese, it doesn't mean that my blood pressure isn't better than yours.  It doesn't mean I'll struggle during a 90-minute class.  It doesn't mean I can't swim laps for 60 minutes without a break.  And I know that not everyone makes these assumptions, but when they do, I'll admit... I love proving them wrong.  In a comment here previously, Alexa called people like us "ninja athletes."  You'd never see us coming.

I've been enjoying the food we're making at home a lot this week.  I have several fun recipes to share with you, starting today with a dessert that's perfect for the summer weather that seems to have arrived on everyone's doorstep.  Today we made grilled peaches!

I aim to eat three servings of fruit per day - usually one with each meal.  I'm haunted by a bit of a sweet tooth, but I've found that fruit can be an excellent substitute for high-calorie desserts, especially when prepared in an unusual way. 

We first experimented with these at a friend's barbecue recently.  We followed this recipe, though we made a foil-pouch for the fruit instead of grilling it directly.  You can do it that way, or you can whip out your grill pan (or, if you - like me - own a George Foreman grill, you can do it that way.)

Two ingredients.  Peach and Sugar.  I use raw or turbinado sugar - 1 tsp per peach.

Slice in half, and coat the cut side with sugar.

It will look like the top of a creme brulee. It's supposed to - it'll help the peach caramelize.
Most of the sugar will stay on the grill or the foil.

Pop on the grill (directly - or in foil.)  We closed our Foreman to speed the process along.
It should be ready after about 6 or 7 minutes - but as with any grilling, keep a close eye.
When it's bubbly and softens to the touch, it's done.

Top with your favorite creamy substance - here we used ice cream.
Whipped cream, or fat free yogurt and a few berries, would also be great.
We highly recommend the ice cream above - Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss in Cherry Amaretto.  It's not low-calorie, but it's terrific in moderation.  Organic, dairy-free, and a very short list of ingredients.

All right. I'm off to work, and will be back with you tomorrow for a very unusual Adventure Wednesday that I can't wait to share with you.  Until then, take good care of you!


  1. You look amazing!! Hooray for you and Tom! :D

  2. Yum!! What temperature for the grill?? I might try these tonight! YAY for your weigh in! You are looking great!! time to get some new frames!

  3. You are a ninja! Slimmons kicks my butt, but you don't even STOP!!! I can't believe someone asked you if it was your first Slimmons. That really makes me LOL.

  4. Holy crap! That side-by-side photo comparison is amazing! You are such a strong and inspirational woman, and I am so incredibly proud of you!

  5. I have NO doubt in my mind that you would crush me in a 90 minute class! You look wonderful! Congrats to you and Tom!

  6. I totally do that too Heidi (compare how I do in class to some of the thinner folks), and we are strong and kick those newbies butts with our cardio and strongs :)

  7. Those look soooo frakkin good!! We are making them pronto.

    Also your progress pics are amazing :D

  8. Thanks, everyone!

    @Rena - too sweet, you are.

    @Hyla - I'm not sure what temperature, actually... I'd probably go for medium so the inside has time to soften too.

    @Alexa - Right? I am pretty sure they knew by ten minutes into the class.

    @Teresa - thank you so much. I am proud of you, too!

    @Sandy - aww, but you'd crush me on a run. We're both strong!!

    @casey - I am so glad you're my solidarity sister.

    @ramblingreadereats - you'll have to let me know how they turn out! And, thanks! :)