Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a happy birthday Friend Makin' Monday!

 It's a happy day here at the TodiMooers Thai Pad.  It's Tom's birthday!

I wish I knew him at this age, but I wasn't actually born yet!

He's definitely the best friend I've ever made.  So I'm just going to do a quick Friend Makin' Monday post, and get back to celebrating my sweet husband.

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FMM: Why Do You Blog?
I blog because I am on a journey that is improved immensely by sharing it - whether it's celebrating my successes or examining my challenges.  It helps me stay on the path.  It helps me understand the process.

I blog because Richard Simmons continually teased us about how well we eat.  And we discovered it's kind of rare to be able to fully enjoy food but lose weight.  And we think it shouldn't be rare.  So hopefully, the things I learn and try will help others, too.

I blog because it helps me continually hone my skills as a writer.  I have creativity that burns inside of me.  If I don't use it and share it, I wither and get seriously blue.

I blog because I like meeting new people. I've already met so many wonderful folks through Finishing the Hat, and I've even gotten closer to friends I already knew.

I blog because it is so damn fun.

OK, dear ones, I am off to birthday my boy.  Have a beautiful Monday, and come back for more fun this week - hopefully some good news tomorrow, and a recap of our latest themed dinner on Wednesday.  Take care of you!


  1. It is so much fun to blog! The support system we create is amazing. :)

    It does suck that we can't "enjoy our food" while we lose weight. It's frustrating coming up with ways to eat what we want...

    Stopping by from FMM.

  2. I love that you blog because I think I have learned more about you in the last 6 months than I have in the 28 years I have called you my cousin. I hope I am able to reciprocate :) It makes me happy to read about your life and your positivity. Keep em coming!

  3. Love, love , love your reasons to blog!
    stopping by from FMM

    Send a Big Happy Birthday!

  4. Visiting from FMM - great reasons for blogging!

    We should be able to enjoy our food, without guilt, while losing weight.

    Hope the birthday celebration was fun!