Thursday, June 9, 2011

In honor of our anniversary... a look back at our wedding

Four years ago today, I married my very best friend.

Remember yesterday how I talked about our mutual love of theme parties?  Well, our wedding was the granddaddy of them all.  Our mutual love of (and desire to work on) movies brought us together (and in the long run has made for a wonderful creative partnership as writers.)  So when we thought about our wedding, it seemed to us like it should really include the thing which made us... us.  So we did.  We had a movie-themed wedding.

From our Save-the-Dates... our invitations... our tables, each featuring a poster for one of our favorite classic films.
(My dad was at the "Father of the Bride" table, naturally.)

We even held our "cocktail" hour in a movie theater.
It was in the same complex as our ballroom and hotel.
(No cocktails at the cocktail hour, btw, but there was popcorn and Junior Mints.)

We played a trailer from each of our theme tables at the beginning of the cocktail hour, before the movie we cut together for the occasion.  Man, it really pays to marry a film/tv editor.  For your enjoyment, Tom and I have uploaded the movie in two parts.  It's about 20 minutes long, but it's pretty fun (especially a couple of sections in the second half.)

As you can tell, we're kind of made-to-be.  Before I met him, I didn't really believe that anyone out there was made-to-be with me.  But after we met, it just became clear that we were meant to meet only then, when we were ready for each other - and not before.  He has made me so happy over the past (almost!) seven years, and I'm incredibly grateful for him every day.

Our engagement photos, taken at Union Station by Paul Manke Photography

Our big day was beautiful.

All photos by Kat Foley Photography

Ten minutes before the wedding, I received this text message from Tom.

Girl talk before the ceremony

Our flower girl holding her pomander.

My party (we had gender-blind parties)

His party, midriff

His party, feet. (One of my favorite pictures of the wedding.)

Our unity candle

We're short on pictures of the wedding day, alas, because we've been waiting to purchase the full digital rights to the photos.  But by next year's 5th anniversary, we will have some other fun shots for you. Maybe even... dare I say... another movie?

We spent a lot of time in advance, making things by hand (both because we have specific tastes, and because it's a lot more reasonable in terms of budget to DIY.)  Thank goodness I had some Photoshop skills - it saved us tons.

Our program cover, pattern courtesy of iStockPhoto, monogram by me

The inside of our invitation, with royalty-free art, design by me

I even made our favors. With help from Tom, his mom Jean, and our dear friend Audra.
All guests received a tin themed to the table where they sat.

If you're short on magnets, feeling crafty, or need a good favor for an occasion, you're welcome to make these.  I digitally colored little bits of royalty-free art deco designs, printed them out, and punched them using a circle punch about the size of a flat glass marble.  Then the group of us glued the paper to a magnet backing, and a glass marble to the paper.  Wha-la!  You can download my colored designs, here.  Or you can use your own favorite art or photos!

Looking back on all of this makes me feel so incredibly blessed.  And kind of exhausted.  DIY weddings are hard work!  And it was the wedding of our dreams... so I'm glad that we only had to do it once!  Now the marriage... I'm glad we get to do THAT every day.  I wish you all the kind of happiness I have found with Tom.  And I hope you'll all take care of yourselves, and your loved ones too.

And Tom?  Happy anniversary, my Harmour Love.  lll


  1. OMG SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I wish I had known you four years ago, because your wedding looks EPIC and AWESOME. And omgggggg I love your hair in both the engagement & wedding pics! Curls on you are SO ADORABLES.

  2. Classic Heidi - creative and fun and with heart! Happy Anniversary to both of you with best wishes for many, many more to come. Love, Paula Headbloom

  3. Le sigh. I've long wished I could have been at your rad wedding. Now I feel as if that wish has come true in dreamlike sense.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. I truly wish our wedding video how turned out as magnificent as that video is!

  5. The video is simply amazing. Particularly loved the music choices! Thank you for sharing it, and so many other pictures from the wedding. I can't believe you and Tom have been married for 4 years already, but then again, I can't believe I've known you for almost 14!

    Lots of love to both of you on your anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Such great ideas for a wedding - so creative and unique - I love it!

  7. You guys are so cute together and look so happy in those photos and videos. (Not to mention, you look fantastic in black & red, and I love the romantic curls.) I think you're one of the lucky few who found a good guy in this city. I've lived here for 13 years and have yet to find the right one for me. There's just something about LA men... I've found that they tend to be shallower than most. Not all of them, of course, but the majority, from my experience. And it's not just me, either. A former co-worker of mine who is tall, athletic, blonde, with the longest legs I've ever seen, couldn't find the right guy for her here. She finally met a guy online who lives in Wisconsin and moved there to be with him. I've given up, for the most part, and contented myself with the fact that I'll remain single for as long as I live here.

    ...Not to be a complete Debbie Downer on your happy times. Congratulations, enjoy every happy moment. You certainly deserve it.