Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Friday... plus an extra adventure, and an adorable anniverary gift

Before I get to this week's Fashion Friday outfit, I want to talk a little bit about our anniversary gift.

Now you've probably heard that the first anniversary is paper, and the fiftieth anniversay is gold.  But... did you know that the fourth anniversary is kitten?

Well, it is in my house.  Meet Leonidas "Lon" Chaney.

Isn't he cute?  And the kitten, too.


We recently met this charming orange boy at our friend Lisa's, who was fostering him until he was old enough to be adopted.  And as soon as we played with him, we felt like our other "kitten" girls (they're a year and a few months now) would love to have him as a playmate.  So yesterday, we put in our application and picked him up.

He's already started purring!

He likes to pounce...

And play!


Until he gets tired. Here is is, snuggling the Kate Spade hat bag that held the hat my niece brought me.
(He has good taste.)


His sister Greta Garbo is very, very curious about him. This is as close as they've gotten so far.
Last night, when he was in his crate on our bed, she kept popping up from different angles to get a better look.
His other sister, Mabel Normand, is mostly hiding so far. She's pretty shy in general.
His elderly grand-dame auntie Dorothy Gish doesn't have time or patience for kittens.

All right, all right.  On to the fashions!

This week's outfit pulled double duty - it was my dinner wear for Supper Club 600 - Indian-style, plus I wore it out on a girl-date with a favorite pal of mine, Audra.

Asymmetric blouse and embroidered skirt by Lane Bryant
Birdcage earrings by artist Lisa Cone at Inspired Adornments
Jeweled bracelet by H&M
Shoes by SAS. What? They're cute AND they're comfortable

Here are Audra and I at the Million Dollar Theater for the Last Remaining Seats presentation of Errol Flynn's Captain Blood.
We're standing in front of a vintage curtain - in front of which Al Jolson once sang "Swannie" during The Jazz Singer.

The movie was terrific - clearly the forerunner of pretty much all pirate movies.  And both of us immediately wanted to watch more of his films.  Dashing! Swashbuckling! And witty, to boot.

I'm off to spend a delightfully fuzzy kitten-filled weekend.  Plus we have some other adventures in store - more on that soon.  Have a great weekend yourselves, and I'll be back with you on Monday.  Til then, take care of you!


  1. Ahhhh! You got the kitty!!!!!!! He DOES love to pounce! He's so cute when he pounces :) (I saw him pounce several times a Lisa's)

  2. Huzzah!!!! Captain Blood.

    Congrats on the anniversary present, though I think you are mildly insane for taking on another critter. He is adorable, as is his name!!!

  3. Kitty!!! He's so cute! :) Congrats on your anniversary! :)