Friday, May 6, 2011

French Pastries on Fashion Friday

About a week ago, I had another one of my vivid dreams of Paris.

This was the last time we were there. Boy, we do look a little different these days.

I've only been the once, but ever since, it's haunted me during slumber, surprising me with visions of train-travel and exotic sights, and... macarons.  Yes, when I dream of Paris, it always involves macarons.  No, not those chewy coconut things (those are macaroons.)  Macarons are brilliantly-colored French cookies, which are two light-as-air halves sandwiched with super-creaming filling. They range between 80 and 100 calories, so it's a perfect sweet treat for me - in moderation.

So when I woke up last Thursday, I knew that a macaron would be the object of my next seven-day craving period.  Seven days were up yesterday, so today we ventured over to 'Lette in Beverly Hills, to savor my dream-cookie. 

Here you see some of the beautiful array. From left to right, I *think* these are:
peanut butter, vanilla, green tea, raspberry, salted caramel, and almond wedding cookie.

Almond wedding cookie, violet cassis, and espresso.

But my personal favorite, by far, is the passion fruit.

Look how dainty! Who needs an Oreo when you could have something this divine?

Perfectly layered, with a tangy passion fruit ganache in the middle.

It was just what I had been dreaming of - literally.  Well, except for the part about eating it beneath the Eiffel Tower.

I used the occasion as a chance to dress up.  I've been feeling a little down about my wardrobe lately, and the arrival of several tailored pieces from my mother-in-law made me realize that I needed to do more outfit pairing.  Putting something cute together makes me feel more mentally put together, more creative, more... cute.  So starting today, I'll be bringing you Fashion Fridays... to insure that I'm dressing up at least once every week.

Sundress by Mlle Gabriel
Scarf by Target
Headband by H&M
Earrings by Etsy seller dbdesignsit

This dress reminds me of a cross between a Dixie cup and the flying Doritos in the interpretation of Beethoven's Fifth, in Fantasia 2000.

So... what are you wearing today?


  1. Simply lovely! I'll be wearing my Three Wolf Shirt to dance practice. Yes... THAT Three Wolf Shirt. Tomorrow is my pretty day!

  2. Wow, thanks for providing the side-by-side comparisons. Yes, your dress is reminiscent of the flying dorritos! But you look adorable. Yay for Fashion Friday.

    Oh, and cute and tempting as they are, no macarons for me, thanks. But I would like to go back to Paris.

  3. I have never been to Paris but I am glad to know that you loved it. You know me I hate shopping and my wardrobe is beginning to look rather worn ande shabby. So I guess I will have to refresh it. But I have never had an eye for style. Where is Matt when I need him? Yes the Macarons are delicious. I drooled just seeing them.

  4. Macarons are my FAVORITE cookie. FAVORITE. You look beautiful, by the way! You match that macaron very well.

    - Renie

  5. Heidi you are so PRETTY! And those macarons look irresistible. I've never had one, but I pass by a 'Lette nearly every time we're in Little Tokyo. Must stop in and try. :3

  6. You look so beautiful!!!! Spring has arrived, my dear cousin, and you look the part :)

    I would now like to try a Macaron... and visit Paris :)

    I have pulled out my dresses this week - today was a Grecian style maroon halter dress that I scored last summer at Marshall's - I <3 discount shopping :)

    Sending my love!