Friday, May 27, 2011

Umbrella Fashion Friday... plus swimwear!

I bet you thought by "umbrella fashion," you thought I meant my stylish umbrella.  Nope!  (Well, it is stylish but it's not the topic today.)  That would be my umbrella skirt, which has not come close to fitting since... well, it was tight when I bought it six years ago.

On my stoop.
Blouse by eShakti
Cardigan by Lane Bryant
Skirt by Lane Bryant
Leggings by Old Navy
Same shoes as last week.

Seated view. My hips look different to me. Is that weird?

Close-up of the fabric. I can't believe LB release something this retro/cute.

We're heading into Memorial Day weekend, and I'm hopeful that you won't need to use any umbrellas when you attend your barbecues, car-b-qs and pool parties.  That's right, pools are about to open across the country! And to that tune, I've gathered my favorite summertime pool outfits and accessories for your review.

Lane Bryant and Kiyonna both came out with such cute retro-style swimsuits this year that I decided to throw modern caution to the wind and pair together the most retro of retro pool togs.

Swimsuit by Lane Bryant
Sarong and hat available at
Earrings available at Broken Cherry Boutique
Necklace by Etsy seller Jewelry1016
Sandals by Clarks
Sunglasses by Torrid
Beach tote by Jessie Steele

Suit by Kiyonna
Sarong available at
Chevron tote by Cole Haan
Necklace by etsy artist VeryPrettyThing
Hair flower by Etsy artist EllesBlossomBoutique
Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters
Espadrille Wedges by Fitzwell

On another note, when searching for hair flowers on Etsy, I came upon an all-too-common theme for baby hair accessories:


Don't do this to them.

All right!  I'm off to enjoy my weekend with family and friends - - my baby niece Charlotte is coming to visit and there's sure to be pictures to share next week (sans head-eating peony.)  Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday.  Don't forget the sunblock... and take care of you!


  1. You look FANTASTIC! Love the skirt!

  2. I love both of the swimwear outfits, especially the red sarong, the espadrille wedges and the sunglasses by Urban Outfitters.

    I also love your umbrella skirt and it may just be my eyes (I'm not wearing my glasses), but it looks a little loose around your waist?? There is nothing tight about that skirt. You have done an amazing job with your weight loss and I love your recipes as well, they are sooo yummy.

  3. You look mahvelous.

    As for the baby, I can hear the mother inwardly screaming, "It's a GIRL! My baby is a GIRL! Don't you think she's FEMININE?! How dare you even ASK!!! Here, is this enough to prove it to you?? I don't care that you can't see her face!!" ;-)

  4. <3 Nice mention of Car-B-Que :)

  5. I am so glad that you found my blog, because now I found yours!!! :)

    I love that umbrella skirt; it's always so nice when previously-too-tight clothes start fitting well. Woot!

    Your progress is amazing!

    BTW - I love those shoes. Where did you get them? I tried looking through the posts, but I couldn't find a mention.

  6. Hi, Bella! Welcome! :)

    I've avoided naming the brand of those shoes... but since you asked... they are CROCS! And extremely comfortable.

  7. I have a cousin that did that to her poor daughter in ALL of the baby pictures. All I see is a flower instead of that child's head....thanks for giving me a good laugh!