Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Multimedia Monday - checking in and checking out

Phew.  I think I finally came up for air.  Hi, everybody.

Between freelancing and preparing for another Supper Club event, I ended up so busy that I couldn't swing my usual daily posts.

The good news is that despite my total absence here since last Tuesday, I had a terrific health week.  (More on that in my weigh-in post, coming soon.)

Here are my Short Cuts for the week:

  • I finally watched Splice, which I added to our DVR during HBO Free Preview Weekend. Is there anything more fun than a premium cable channel free preview?  I was mesmerized by the film, which was a surprisingly intimate character exploration, not a sci-fi horror as it was advertised.  (Much like the film I mentioned last week, I understand why the marketing team did this, but I'm bummed that it missed its audience.)
  • It's nice to have our regular shows back.  I've been enjoying How I Met Your Mother especially.  The use of flash-forward (the wedding, the labor, the goat, etc) is an excellent way to entice audiences to keep coming back.  It definitely works on me, anyway.  I'd like to use that structure in an upcoming project, myself.
  • It's weird not to have new 30 Rock until mid-season.  I miss it.  But it's nice to have reruns in syndication for the first time.
  • This week's Saturday Night Live was the best I've seen in years.  Which brings me to today's topic.

Melissa McCarthy.

Here's my favorite sketch from Saturday.  In this sketch, she sexually harasses a coworker.  With balloons.

It was hard to pick a favorite.  She was so different in, and so committed to, each of them.  Knocks each one out of the park.  Blows almost every other guest host away.   

More proof that this is her hour: she's on the cover of Hollywood Reporter this week.  When was the last time a plus-sized woman graced that cover?  Roseanne?

It's not just that she totally stole the biggest female-starring comedy from the higher-billed actresses this summer.  It's not just that she won an Emmy for best actress in a comedy. Or even that she's plus-sized and in her forties. It's that she seems totally comfortable in her skin while doing all of it.

On top of all that, she just announced she'll be starting her own clothing line.  Count me in, Melissa.  Count me in.

Not to mention the fact rumor has it that in an upcoming film, Melissa may be paired romantically with my other favorite SNL host (who happens to be my preferred flavor of eye candy), Jon Hamm.  I. Can't. Wait.

But the thing that makes me most excited about her growing stardom is her new production company.  Because I dream of casting her in the script I've been writing (on and off) for five years - called Yoga For Fat Girls.  She would be a perfect Maggie.  And if I can just finish this thing, maybe someday, she will be.


  1. I love her too. I would love to hear more about your script too. Sounds very interesting :)

  2. I loved her on SNL!!!! She really gives everything she's got to her roles, and she is laugh-out-loud funny. She reminds me of a female Chris Farley, both for her size and for how she excels at physical comedy. He was one of the greatest, and she is, too.

    I was thrilled when she won that Emmy - it really was a huge thing for all of us. And I hope she's loving all this attention, especially after that stupid article last year in Marie Claire (I hate even mentioning their name) about "Mike & Molly." Talk about vindication, right? I'm looking forward to her clothing line, too.

    I really hope you finish that script - the title alone sounds intriguing.

  3. I've loved Melissa McCarthy since Gilmore Girls. She also had a tiny bit part in the movie The Life of David Gale as a goth girl who runs a murder house museum, playing very much against the sweet girl-next-door/supportive best friend type she played on Gilmore Girls, and kind of plays on Mike & Molly. A few years ago, I saw her in the audience when I went to go see Neko Case at Barndsall Art Park in Silverlake, so I know she has good taste in music. It would be beyond fantastic to see her in a movie you wrote.