Monday, December 5, 2011

Multimedia Monday - iSee you!

Hello from my new iPhone! It arrived this morning shortly after we returned from the airport. We flew in from our weekend with family in Sonoma - more on that in an upcoming post.

I'm posting via the Blogger app, one of a great many with which I'm experimenting. I was warned by several of you that I'd be sucked in by apps, and thus far you've been completely correct.

I've downloaded and played with LiveStrong, IMDb, Facebook, Twitter, and Fandango. I've yet to use Pandora, Amazon or Kindle, but they're in the plans.

Instead of including a list of Short Cuts this week, I thought I'd ask YOU for one!

What are your favorite mobile apps? And why are they worth downloading?

I'm enjoying Tom's last day on hiatus (and he's enjoying his first day ever with a smart phone!)

So I'll be back tomorrow with more bloggery... And next week's Multimedia Monday should include some reviews of the 4S and all the new apps that I hope you'll recommend today!

Til then, as always, take care of you!


  1. I have an Android but I think all my favs are cross platform.

    My favorite app is MyFitnessPal.

    Other apps near the top are:

    Seesmic (a Twitter client)
    Google Music, Sky, Maps and Nav
    CoUpon (app that you can search for coupons for the stores you are at - most will scan off the phone)
    Happy Hour (orange background with a martini glass) - it lists all local happy hours and usually has links to their menus and a direct dial button for a cab.

    Enjoy your decent into super-smart phoneland!

  2. Apps have never been of much interest to me. They sit on my phone unused for months. When I first got my iPhone a few years back, the thing that fascinated me for weeks on end was the iPhone itself and everything it could do quite apart from any apps it could download. But times have changed, and many of the things I was so pleased with then are pretty dull now, or completely useless. Le sigh. But I'm glad it still holds true that when you first get an iPhone, it's a shiny toy you can't put down for several weeks. Enjoy!

  3. If you like to listen to podcasts, I cannot recommend the app Instacast enough. It is a much better way to manage podcasts than the iPod app, and it auto updates and everything. I am totally addicted to cool podcasts like Stuff You Missed in History Class and Writing Excuses now! :-)

    Other favorite apps include Reeder for my blog reading, Instagram, Nebulous Notes, Words With Friends, Tiny Wings, and Osfoora (a Twitter app). Enjoy your phone!! I love mine.

  4. The video chat is great. My husband got the phone through work and I am so jealous. There are various scanner apps if you think you might enjoy listening to a fire or police or airport scanner (and this is sometimes helpful if there is something going on in your neighborhood and you want to know what - a brush fire or something for example.) The GPS feature is a great replacement for a standard GPS device... one less thing to have plugged in.

    Beware the battery issue that still seems to be going on.

    I had an android a while back, through work, and it had a great exercise app that would track where you walked, how fast, play music, and even offered some encouragement along the way. My sis in law has one that posts her progress as she goes and encourages others to root you on via facebook.

    Do you use Netflix? If so, get that one too.

  5. total iphone addict - love fooducate (has a scanner that lets you scan grocery store foods and recommends healthier alternatives), words with friends, grocery IQ for list keeping, flixter for movie times and trailers, pinterest and trip advisor are some of my faves. Have fun!

  6. I love Shazam because I find out about a lot of new music that I like.

    I also like the PayPal and Etsy apps - I like to shop!!

  7. WhiteNoise is awesome. It helps me fall asleep when I'm struggling with insomnia, and also gives nice atmosphere when I need it. Currently using the camp fire sounds to simulate the fireplace I don't have...

    I use foursquare quite often to check in places with my friends.

    VEVO is great if you like to show people music videos. They have a great selection and the quality is top notch.

    Hulu Plus is wonderful for Hulu-ing on the go. Get your Modern Family or Misfits (great show!) fix in whenever you want :) Of course you need a Hulu Plus account to use it...

    Words With Friends is a nice iPhone interface for the popular Facebook game. (It actually started as an iPhone app and later got integrated into Facebook).