Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventures in Zombieland... Or, Leap Day at Disney!

Good morning! For those readers in the Eastern time zone, you may just have woken up. For those who share my Pacific time, you're undoubtedly still asleep. With good reason! It's 4 am as I write this.

"What are you doing up?" you may be asking. Or, possibly, "what are you doing blogging at this hour?"

And to that, I say: Happy Leap Day! It isn't usually celebrated (except by pirates from Penzance and 30 Rockians)... but this year, Disney is throwing an unusual celebration called "One More Disney Day," keeping Disneyland open for an unusual 24 hours - an extra park day for an extra day of the year.

Now, I was born into a Disney-lovin' family, and my husband Tom is a convert (so to speak.) So I was surprised when Tom suggested that we not only attend the park today, but we attend the park for the entire 24 hour period. And that, my friends, sounded like an adventure!

So for today's Adventure Wednesday post, I'll be liveblogging our journey through the day, at least once an hour (barring nap time at Snoozy Moments With Mr. Lincoln.)

Check back with me today for my adventures in zombie Disneyland! And take good care of you!

5:35 AM, February 29
After some oatmeal, banana and a shower, we've made it to Pumbaa parking lot and found our spot in line to get in. Lucky we got our wristbands earlier - there's a lot of early birds today!

5:48 AM
Bag check! And the Disneyland Band is playing nearby! Man, the overnight line reminds me of the "tent city" at DCA, 3 AM before the 50th anniversary!

6:08 AM
In the gates! Yay!

Caught in the crush for free ears. Fluster cluck! Helped find a list girl and finally got my free ears!

In line for Pan, both of us feeling excited about the day. Tom is taking one photo every 10 minutes to commemorate the day. I'll post a link when he uploads in a few days.

We've already found friends!

Beautiful morning. So beautiful. I just added a few photos, though I'm not sure how they're integrated from the Blogger app.

Oh my gosh!!! Modern Family is filming here! We're rubbernecking at Rivers of America... Can see Claire, Alex, Haley, Jay, Gloria, and Manny!!

Stopped in for a spot of breakfast since we've been up and at 'em since 4. Our friend got a cinnamon roll, and we watched as they used an ice cream scoop of frosting - whoa!

We seem to be an hour early for a traditional noon meet... But we're all mostly here!

First yawn. Bad sign?

Warm enough that I'm down to my coolest single layer! I just got a personal best score on Buzz Lightyear, but only cause we were paused mid-ride.

Another Modern Family shoot - this time, Cameron, Mitchell and Lily! Just Phil and Luke left to spot. Wish us luck!

I'm on a boat! The Sailing Ship Columbia. It is not technically a pirate ship, but it sure looks like one.

Rode Haunted Mansion with my head resting on the side and my eyes closed. The sensory deprivation is sublime. I couldn't tell where I was or what direction I was moving. You should try it sometime!

Breaking with our gang for the Afternoon Nap portion of the day. On the hunt for best in-park napping locations! Turning my phone off to preserve battery for the time being. Back online in a few hours when I'm rested!

Couldn't resist popping back online to note that we just saw the cutest marriage proposal. Groom and bride stood by the Rivers of America as their friends and family went by on the Sailing Ship Columbia, holding a huge "will you marry me" banner. She said yes! Tom's ten-minute photo alarm went off just in time to get a photo for his series today. OK, back to napping.

I'm officially a No Nap Harry Cat. Not for lack of trying... on the train, in Lincoln... I couldn't fall asleep! In line for coffee now, with the promise of free refills later. Just gonna ride this night out!

Sitting with friends and having a mock meta-argument about Victorian versus Edwardian architecture and how it should or should not be used for the Jolly Holiday Bakery.

Back online after running out of phone charge! We are having such a fantastic time. So many of our friends are here, and we haven't had a big old-fashioned Disneyland meet in so long that it's a genuine joyfest!

6:47 AM, March 1
We. Did. It.

Despite mobile network failure and drained batteries preventing all updates... With the fuel of coffee and the support of our friends, we made it through 24 hours, riding Pan one last time on the way out to bookend the amazing experience.

We have Tom's pictures, plus my missing nighttime commentary, coming soon. For now...



  1. I remember, many years ago, 2 girls sleeping on inflatable swimming rafts and reading Harry Potter.

    I look forward to following your day!

  2. Incidentally - I couldn't find a word that meant "person who builds ships or boats". Thus, I declare it to be "Boatener".

  3. Argh, Blogger ate my comment :(

    What I SAID was....

    We once overheard a guest getting completely indignant over the Columbia being called a pirate ship.

    The thing is, what IS a pirate ship anyway? It's just a ship that's been taken over by pirates! It's not like you go down to the shipyard and order a pirate ship.

    PIRATE: Arrrr, I be looking to buy a sailin' vseesl
    BOATENER: Okay sir. I'm going to presume from your cartoony accent that you'll be looking at one of our more piraty models, correct?
    BOATENER: Oh, I'm very sorry sir, I meant no offense.
    PIRATE: Well matey, you're just lucky you make the best pirate model ships around, or else I'd be taking my business elsewhere. Errr, scurvey and such.
    BOATENER: And how will you be paying for this ship?

  4. I love that you got to go! My husband wanted to go quite badly.. maybe next leap year. :)

  5. So. Much. Fun. It was so fun getting to spend so many hours with you and Tom! I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

  6. My niece is a princess there -- one of the characters walking around in costume, that is. She used to be either Chip or Dale but the costume was so heavy she had back problems.

  7. Hope you're doing okay. Been awhile since we last heard from you.