Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fashion (Tues)day with AdoraOm

Since I started exercising with Richard Simmons at Slimmons last January, I've become more and more active.  And the more active I've become, the more I've admired all of the beautiful activewear that other exercisers are sporting.  (What an apt word for that purpose, "sporting.")

I admit to having an especially huge fashion crush on lululemon workout clothes, which always seem so well-constructed and cute.  I'll be honest - quality is important, but cuteness matters, too.  After all,  every outfit that Richard wears in class is a major fashion production.  Seriously.  Have you seen his Black Swan?  His Pink Poodle?  His Woody?  (From Toy Story. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Alas, lululemon doesn't make anything close to my size.  In fact, there aren't a lot of companies that do.  I've been using Target's "Long and Lean" tank line, and squeezing into their Champion XXL leggings.  Both work, but neither last, and neither are hugely supportive.

So I was thrilled when I was invited to a VIP luncheon hosted by the creators of AdoraOm, a brand new plus-size athleticwear company.  The company gathered a collection of lovely Los Angeles ladies from the plus-sized blog and fashion industry, and we had a chance to take a closer look at the new line.

The moment I tried on "My Funky Tank" in graphite, and the "All About Me" capri, and I immediately knew I'd found the workout gear I'd been looking for.  The pants are very well-made, with flat, reinforced seams and very high-quality fabric.  They are comfortable and supportive, which is especially important for any high-impact work I do in Richard's classes.  And they're cute!  See for yourself...

The pieces, along with the "I'm Outta Here" Jacket - which has
the unusual detailing of thumb-holes in the long sleeves.

What I particularly appreciate about this line is that the creators fitted each piece on a plus-sized body.  It's unfortunate how often plus-sized fashion is simply sized-up from smaller models, because smaller bodies and larger bodies aren't typically proportionate.  It's terrific that the AdoraOm team worked together with Danielle Line (a plus model, and an acquaintance of mine) to tailor the details to proper proportions. 

Here I am with Danielle, who's sporting the same top in green.

There was a particularly interesting fashion tidbit that I learned at the luncheon.  Previously, I had thought that all lycra was created equal... and all of them created that weird sheer/shine effect when you stretched them.  It turns out that high-quality black lycra, which is used for the AdoraOm clothes, remains fully matte and opaque.

I'm looking forward to the arrival of my tank (which was a gift from the company) and my capris (which I ordered) so that I can put them to the test in class!  I'll follow up here with the details of AdoraOm in action.  So far, I only have one note: I wish they carried larger sizes, because I know people in size 26 or 28 who would love supportive activewear.  (Others seemed surprised by that, but ladies, I know you're out there.  And I used to be one of you!)

If you're interested in sporting your own sporty wear from AdoraOm, I have great news for you --  they just opened for business.  You can purchase online, either from their website, or on Amazon.com!  If you do try them, let me know what you ordered and what you think!


One important note for this post:  I have not been paid to endorse or sponsor AdoraOm, though I did receive a gift from the company.  The opinions I state on this blog are my opinions, and my opinions alone.  I will always disclose my material relationships in accordance with the pledge I signed at Blog With Integrity.



I'm behind on bloggin', so I'll be trying to catch up a bit today (and perhaps tomorrow - we'll see how it goes.)  In the meanwhile, I'm working on taking good care of me, and I hope you are, too.  Take care of you!


  1. That jacket is ADORABLE! Would you say the clothing is sized generously? I'm kind of between sizes right now, but lean more towards a 26 than a 24.

    And YES - I know what you're saying regarding workout clothes. Walmart recently had some Danskin plus sized workout clothes and I bought some amazing capris, but when I realized a) how much I loved them and b) I was shrinking out of my current size, I found out that they weren't carrying said line at my store anymore!

    What do you recommend for sports bras?

  2. Sizing up to 30 would be great actually. The right clothes when exercising really do help to support you while you're moving around.

  3. I'm so glad that you wrote this review. I was so bummed that I got sick and couldn't make the trip down. I had a feeling they were going to gift some of the clothes - ugh, blasted flu! At least I can buy some of the clothes myself (once I save up enough $$, because they're expensive, but it sounds like they're worth every penny).