Thursday, November 10, 2011

On a roll... and in the kitchen with Salmon Rolls

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I am feeling this week.  I don't fully understand it... the previous several weeks were filled with fatigue, depression, and the less-than-helpful choices that come with fatigue and depression.  I was skipping exercise classes.  I was adding to my portion size.  And I was feeling downright crappy.  I could hardly talk about it - even when I tried.

But I tried to put tiny actions into place... good, healthy ways of self-care.  Solid rest.  Menu-planning.  Healthy snacks in moderation.  Between all of that and the breathing revelation at therapy last week, things just seemed to come together.  Mindful eating, regular exercise, writing, blogging, chores...  I'm on a roll.

A salmon roll, you might say.  Well, maybe I'm not on a salmon roll, but I'm totally eating a salmon roll snack, a few times a week.  I started at the beginning of October, as a way to tuck a little extra protein and veg into my weekend in Palm Springs.  It's simple, quick and tasty, and I liked it so much that I've added it to my repertoire.

All it takes is a little smoked salmon, Laughing Cow Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, and some fresh crunchy veg.


Lay out an ounce of the salmon, and open up one wedge of the cheese.


Spread a half of one wedge onto the salmon.

Lay one or two strips of crunchy veg at the far end of the fish.


Roll it carefully toward you.


Wha-la!  You can either eat it as a hand-roll...


...or use a serrated knife to carefully slice it like a roulade.  Some of your pieces will be very pretty.

Some of your pieces may be pretty ugly.


No matter, it's all ending up in the same place!  And it's tasty.  The tomato Laughing Cow reminds me of the sun-dried tomato cream cheese at Noah's Bagels (if you're on the west coast, or Einstein Bros. if you're elsewhere.)  And it's such a quick fix that it makes the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon.

What is your favorite pick-me-up?  And are you taking care of you?  I hope so!


  1. This looks totally yummy and very do-able for a kitchen luddite like me. I love smoked salmon, but short of putting it on a bagel with schmear (cream cheese, whatever), I've never known what else to do with it. This looks fantastic and gives me an excuse to buy some smoked salmon this weekend, as I just happen to have the remains of a raw veg tray going bad in my fridge at the moment because I don't feel very inspired to eat them on their own. Thanks for the idea! And glad to hear you're feeling better. I have my ups and downs, too. Sometimes I think our brain/body chemicals just like playing havoc with our emotions for whatever reason, so we have our downswing times. As long as we come out of them eventually, I think we're doing ok.

  2. This look good for company appetizers for the upcoming holidays!