Friday, November 18, 2011

Week in a day.

Between vacation recovery, freelance work and... I dunno, sometimes I feel kind of hermit-y... I didn't blog at all last week.  But it's never too late to do anything. So, I present:


Media Monday:
Countdown to the Muppets is hitting single-digits.

Is anyone else tired of Fake Amy Sedaris as the spokesperson holiday-shopper for Target? (I'd never be sick of Real Amy Sedaris.)

I'm not embarrassed to say that I looked forward to Twilight. Not because I particularly like the series, but because Tom and I enjoy a good ironic watching... plus, it's our tradition to watch the fans freak out. 

Weigh-in Tuesday: 
I was down 2 pounds last week.  Between very good exercising and cooking for myself, I have felt like taking care of myself.  But after the weigh-in, the week felt like a harder fight.  More on that soon.  In other news, I just read another weight loss blogger comment upon her "before" pictures.  She called herself disgusting.  I'd like to say to my before pictures: thanks, baby.  You are strong, and you're starting out on a journey that is neither easy nor short-term.  And you don't deserve any negative self-talk, any more than I do.  (We are actually the same person.)

Adventure Wednesday:
Had a wonderful time celebrating my anniversary with Tom.  He took me to dinner at The Little Door.  The space was beautifully designed, the food was creatively cooked, and the celebrity-spotting was amusing, what with Ricky Schroeder (yes, Silver Spoons Ricky Schroeder) seated around the corner from us at the bar as we awaited our table.  Our weekend writing retreat was fun and productive, and the plot is really taking shape.

Themeless Thursday:
I finally caught the weight loss documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  I'd been putting it off, because I was a little nervous that the film - which advocates juice fasting - would convince me that I should try to lose my weight rapidly, as do the subjects of the film. 

As it turns out, it didn't convince me of that, because my own convictions and experiences with weight loss and motivation were strong enough to feel secure in my own path.  I think the juice fast might be very helpful to 'reset' the palates of people who eat a lot of junk food and very little produce.  I, however, eat a lot of produce, and have not eaten junk food in... wow, I just realized.  In a week, it'll be 11 MONTHS since I've had fast food.  And I don't purchase processed junk food, and try to limit processed non-junk food. 

The side effects of rapid weight loss - like mental disconnection and hair loss, both of which I've already experienced at my relatively slow pace - makes me think that if I tried to lose weight any faster, I'd make myself incredibly sick.  So my goal is to continue on the path I've already plotted out... but with the possible addition of a home juicer, so I can add some additional veggie nutrients to my daily intake.  I really do enjoy it, and my body seems to respond well, too.

I don't own a machine yet, but I do pick up the occasional serving of freshly-pressed
veggie juice as a treat.  Isn't my carrot-ginger juice vivid and pretty?

Fashion Friday
I tried my AdoraOm outfit in action for the first time, while working out at Slimmons.  The pants were possibly the most comfortable ones I've ever worn while active.  I'd never had flat-seamed exercise pants before, and I was doubtful that it would really make a difference.  IT DID.  (I do wish the rise on the pants would be a little higher, but that's not a deal-breaker.)  The shirt was very cute and I got plenty of compliments on it.  The only down-side was that it would ride up a little when I lifted my arms, but I know they company has been very active at soliciting feedback, and I'm sure that it'll only get better from there.  Considering how great I felt after the workout - how well it cooled, supported, and wicked away sweat - anything else is gravy!

Here I am, in my AdoraOm outfit, accessorized with Richard in a tutu.

OK.  I feel better for having blogged.  How are you feeling?  Are you taking care of you?


  1. If you do decide to go with a juicer, Andy is a very experienced juice guy and can make good recommendations. (He likes different ones for different purposes.) My favorite he does is a carrot-beet-orange juice, sometimes with ginger thrown in.

    Glad to hear you're doing well. Love the new outfit! :)

  2. Having a juicer machine for awhile it was great in the begining however just like any type of funky appliance it became a pain to clean and deal with. It's much more fun to go to the juice bar or even Whole foods and order one without the clean up hassels.
    On another note, thank you for wearing your AdoraOm outfit to class and how you felt wearing it. Appreciate the support always. Love the tutu on Richard LOL!!

  3. Missed you last week, but this week in a day makes up for it. :)

    I'm going to be sporting my very own AdoraOm workout outfit very soon, I hope. I want to get those same pants and the funky tank.

    My friend and I have a standing date for Twilight movies. We're not uber fans at all, but we do like looking at RPat.

    Funny you should mention about juice fasts - I'm going to do a 24-hour one on Friday. More about that on my blog on Friday, where I explain my reasons why. I don't know if I've been living in a cave, but I don't think I knew about that movie. I'm definitely going to check it out.

  4. Heloooooo Gorgeous! :D I love the new shirt and you're rocking it!

    The juice looks delicious and bright. I'd like to politely ask for the same drink when I come and visit next!

  5. I just read the first bit and must post already! "Fake Amy Sedaris" is actually Maria Bamford, one of my favorite comics. Go watch all of the Maria Bamford Show now! Her stand-up is fab too. Ok, going to read the rest of your post. =)

  6. Yay for a busy week, for the good! Love the work out clothes- it makes such a difference if you feel put together when working out, at least for me. We'll have to talk abotu Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I haven't seen it yet, but it is high on my list. Not sure about the juice thing though. Carrot juice is very high in sugars with way less benefit than eating an actual carrot (no fiber, etc). But fresh juice is better than a coke any day!

    We'll have to catch up soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. You're cute as a button, Heidi! xo