Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weigh-in Tuesday, plus Workin' It, E! News, and some Slimmons news

Man, the weeks have been flying.  I can't believe today is already Tuesday.

Hopped on the scale this morning, not expecting much.  Which is good, because I'm down 1.5 pounds again, bringing the total to 34+ lost.  It ties my record for slowest loss in a week since starting, but a loss is a loss, and it's in the right direction.

Today is the day that Slimmons is featured on E! News Daily, so if you are inclined, check out the show to see the segment that Giuliana Rancic's feature on our class.  She took the class with us last week, and fared pretty well (that is to say, better than Khloe Kardashian but not as well as Parker Posey.)  I'm not sure if there will be any shots of me in the class, but there were shots on the commercial about it last weekend, so it's likely you'll see me workin' it last Thursday in my pink tank top.

Actually, you can see me workin' it in last Saturday in my navy tank top, on Richard's YouTube channel right now.  Richard does themed classes on Saturday, and this past week it was Rock & Roll. Richard came in full KISS makeup.  Check us out, here, and here, and here.

Richard has recently begun to talk about a new project he's working on - a reality show about his studio, Slimmons.  Yep, the studio where I take classes 4 times a week.  You can read a little about it on his website today (but only today... his blogs only stay up for 24 hours.)  And you can imagine what that might mean for those of us who are regulars.  More to come on that in the future.

Today I'm off to take an old friend around the city all day.  We'll end up at Slimmons tonight for a class - she'll be the first friend I'm bringing with me, and I'm excited to introduce her to my gang and to Richard.  I hope to take more friends to class soon, too.  Will it be you?  It should be!


  1. Heidi -- I, too, am trying to create a new, healthier lifestyle for myself. I love reading your blog..you inspire me!

  2. We want to come to a class with you, but the 90 minute duration terrifies us. At least it terrifies me.

  3. first off, congrats on the weight loss.. 34LBS is huge.. the video with richard and the KISS makeup looks like a lot of fun..