Friday, April 15, 2011

Clean Cup! Clean Cup! Move Down! Move Down!

I'm a big tea fan.  I also like Disney.  For the past few months, I've been admiring there are two items that fit neatly in the Venn diagram overlap between the two - Alice In Wonderland teas, and a Mad Tea Party-themed teapcup.  And thanks to a birthday gift card from my friends Katie and Madz, I was finally able to pick them up for myself!

Here are the adorable Alice in Wonderland teas! I'm excited to try them out.

I figured I could kill two birds with one entry today.  I'll show you my new teacup as I demonstrate my favorite low-calorie tea drink.  It's inspired by a higher-calorie drink called "The Dharma Bhums," which I first tried at Espresso Royale in Ann Arbor when I was 16 years old, in town for the state theater championship.  It was my favorite hot drink on a freezing cold U of M winter afternoon.

(Side note: Holy cats, people, Espresso Royale is STILL THERE and they are STILL MAKING IT! Though apparently calling it "Almond Earl Grey" these days.  And, hey, Espresso Royale is now a chain and apparently has a store in Santa Barbara!)

OK.  Here is my low-cal easy-peasy Dharma Bums.

Step One: boil some water and grab a bag or ballfull of Earl Grey. Twinings is my favorite.

Step Two: steep, but don't oversteep - about 3 minutes will do ya. Isn't this teacup cute!?

Step three: add a teaspoon of Torani Sugar Free Almond Syrup.
I buy mine at Boba Tea Direct, where they have a ton of Splenda-based options.

Step four: pour in two ounces of almond milk, and stir.

Step five: Enjoy!

Espresso Royale Dharma Bums: 207 calories
Heidi's Dharma Bums: 15 calories


  1. Simply sweet! :) Could you BE any cuter?

  2. That sounds pretty good, and I'm not a big milk-in-tea person. I might have to try it though. :)