Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extra post! Gay Yogurt

Due to amusing feedback on Twitter, I felt the need to share my photo essay on Gay Yogurt.

By which I mean Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood, at which I've become a regular on Thursday afternoons.

Usually I make a smoothie (greek yogurt, skim milk, frozen banana slices & berries) about an hour before Slimmons classes, to fuel up before I rock out with 90 minutes of pretty hard exercise.  But on Thursdays, we head into Beverly Hills for my 4:00 therapy appointment, leaving an hour before Slimmons opens (and heading home to make that smoothie would leave us about 30 seconds before we had to go back to Beverly Hills.)

Instead of going to a smoothie store - which is usually too caloric - I have been getting a cup of light yogurt with a serving of fruit at Yogurt Stop.  Their nutritional facts are available online.  Plus, their flavors are tasty.  And irreverent.  Here's the trio I got today:

And here are those three flavors in one cup:

Now, with a serving of berries!

Comes to grand total of 200 calories for the yogurt, 50 calories for the fruit.  0 calories for being FAAAABULOUS.


  1. Nice! Love the names, and if it's tasty besides? Awesome!

  2. I don't know how this place makes money. My gay self and my gay boyfriend stop in a lot for a bunch of free samples in tiny cups. After we've tasted 3 or 4, that's really all the fro yo we want. Thanks, gay yogurt place! But we don't understand your business model.