Friday, July 29, 2011

A Burton-inspired Fashion Friday!

One of the hottest tickets in Los Angeles right now is the Tim Burton exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. When our friend Rena was visiting, she was very kind to gift us with those hot tickets, so we could join her at the museum.  And, being Burton fans, we dressed for the occasion!

The lovely Rena is wearing a poppy-covered sundress via Dress Barn,
plus a vintage beaded bag, and strappy sandals by Life Stride.

I am wearing a secretary swing dress and striped cardigan by Torrid, a flower headband by
Etsy artists Lou and Lee, raven-tree locket via Halloweentown, and purse by Kate Spade.


To show the detail of our outfits, I had to crop out the fun Burton art... but you should see that, too!

The coolest floppy-blowing-machines ever.  Is there a name for those floppy-blowing-machines?

Tom looked dapper for the occasion, too.

Rena snuck a shot of me admiring a topiary from Edward Scissorhands, which Burton created himself.


Alas, cameras were not allowed in the museum itself, so we didn't take our own shots inside.  Instead, I'll share with you a few of the pieces from the exhibit, plus some beautiful photographs of the exhibit, taken by Zilla Magazine - and there are more where that came from if you follow the link.

It's interesting to see his repeating themes, lines, and colors.
Painting by Burton.

I was particularly fascinated by his hand-drawn sketches,
which are shaded, hatched, texturized so uniquely.
Pen illustration for Vincent, by Burton.

It was amazing to see concept art translated into the actual costumes and props.
Concept art for Edward Scissorhands, by Burton.

Rena and I must've stared at Collen Atwood's Scissorhands costume (at the back above) for ten minutes.
Photo by Zilla Magazine.

Even the entryway to the exhibit was fanciful, and totally Burtonesque.
Photo by Zilla Magazine.

There was black-light section, which featured a neon carousel Burton designed and built recently.
I happened to notice it was based on an idea he'd illustrated many years before, also part of the collection.

If you're anywhere near Los Angeles - and a fan of Burton, of art, of an artist's developing style... of film, of creativity, of strong perspectives and uniqueness of line, and style and color and... yeah.  Yeah.  You should go.

And when you do, you should rock your own Burton-inspired outfit.  What would you wear to LACMA for the occasion?

OK, I'm out for the weekend.  I hope all of you have fun plans... and that those fun plans include taking good care of yourselves.  Until Monday!


  1. Bummed I couldn't dress for my trip to the exhibit (it was a last minute freebie offer). I, too, spent a good ten minutes admiring the Edward costume - it was my favorite item. Next to that, I loved all of Burton's sketches - but there were so many, it became overload. I had wanted to see more props and costumes from the films, and was surprised that some films were either completely or woefully non-represented. It was an enjoyable exhibit, but not quite up to the hype, imo.

    Love the shot of you and Tom in the finale room. Pattern/Color match could not have been better!

  2. I had so much fun with you both on my visit! There's nothing like an afternoon in the museum while looking dapper! :D

  3. WOW! Love the outfits and the beautiful ladies modeling them too. Tom looks fantastic too. Happy to see he made Fashion Friday.

    I am dying to go to the exhibit. Daniel and I are hoping to have a date night to go when my sister is visiting and can babysit.

  4. We saw the exhibit at MoMA. I loved his very early work (grade school/high school/college)

  5. I love the stripes and skirt on you! I was supposed to go to the Burton exhibit last Sunday with a meetup group, but the organizer didn't indicate that the tours were set at a specific time, so I arrived too late and missed the group. I was too upset to go into the exhibit on my own (not to mention, it's a hellish drive on the 110 to the 10 to get to LACMA from the South Bay), but from what I could see at the entrance, the exhibit looked wonderful. Your pics are further inspiring me to go back and see what I missed.

  6. Hope to make it to the Burton exhibit in the next few weeks... so glad you enjoyed it! I'm sure I'll love it, I'm a big Burton fan.