Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Friday with guest fashionista, KENLIE!

I love fashion, and Heidi is my favorite plus-size fashionista. The first time I ever laid eyes on her in Hollywood, I loved her outfit, and I have literally loved every outfit since! When she asked me to write a post, I knew that I wanted to be a part of Fashion Friday because it's one of my favorite topics. =)

Though I still have over 100 pounds to lose, losing the first 100+ pounds has opened doors to new fashion possibilites. I still wear plus-size clothes (22-24 for now) and love to find fashionable clothing at a reasonable price! And a couple of months ago, I was shopping with my mom, and we found ourselves at Burlington Coat Factory. I knew that she had found some fun clothing there in the past, but I never considered shopping there for two reasons - my size and my inability to focus long enough to dig through piles of unsorted clothing. Who knew that I was so off-base?!

Burlington Coat Factory does sell plus-sizes, and while it does take a bit of effort to sift through the clothes (some of which isn't available in all sizes) it was easier than I thought to find fashionable (and reasonably priced) clothes. Right now, my favorite piece of clothing from Burlington is the dress I'm wearing below. It feels cool and breezy, and it doesn't wrinkle - a big plus for people like me who travel often! And it was only 24 bucks. Yay!

Heidi, David and Me

I'm looking forward to living near Heidi soon because I have a tendency to wear bright clothes with minimal jewelry. She has already helped me branch out, and I'm looking forward to more of that! For now, I tend to wear my standard, understated jewelry - my Michele watch from Saks, cupcake charm bracelet from Tiffany, Pandora bracelet, basic silver hoop earrings and my favorite Elsa Peretti star necklace (that I gifted myself with when I lost the first 100 pounds.)

Yep..I take lots of silly, close-up pics....

And what's a fun outfit without the right nail polish?! This is one of my favorite dresses because it opens up so many color options for my nails. My current favorite nail color is Mesmerize by Essie. And it goes great with the least, I think so! =)

Mesmerize by Essie - yes, I take pictures of my nail polish too...ha

My outfits and accessories play a role in how stylish I feel and how I feel overall. Taking time to choose outfits that are fashionable and flattering make put-together and confident. And as someone who is losing weight (i.e. changing sizes pretty often) Burlington Coat Factory is a win because it seems I can find the clothes I like at a good price. They even had a small selection of formal and semi-formal gowns.

I'll definitely be back at Burlington soon. Where do you should for trendy, inexpensive clothes? What tips can you offer on being stylish and comfortable at any size?

[Note from Heidi - You can find Kenlie at her blog, All the Weigh.  Thanks so much to Kenlie, David and Alexa for their guest posts.  It definitely gave me the chance to rest up from the surgery, which went well.  I'll be back with my own post on Monday!]

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