Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a BAD-CHOICE Fashion Friday!

It came to my attention recently that acid-wash jeans are coming back.

I had a gut-level response.  It was pretty strong.  It said: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

I found out through the lovely Monique, who blogs at Curves and Chaos.  She's a smart fashionista, and she makes some brave and bold choices I admire.   And she's on board for this trend!

Image posted by Curves and Choas

Monique, I love you, but I just don't think I can muster it for this one.  The last time distress-washed denim came around, I was... shall we say... not yet stylish enough.  I have photo proof but I didn't have a chance to dig it up and scan it.  Look forward to future pics of the silliest I've ever looked.

 And what is next? Surf pants?

Image via VisualNews

VisualNews has a very fun article, called "Who Shot the Couch," with other bad-choice fashion photos including the biggest collar ever, and Flame-resistant sleepwear for the whole family.  I highly recommend you check it out.

And who knows... there's probably someone out there who thinks that what I wore on the Fourth of July was BAD-CHOICE Fashion Monday.  They say plus-sized girls shouldn't wear stripes...

Chevron stripe dress by Old Navy
Hairband is ribbon purchased at a fabric store
Earrings by an Etsy artist who is no longer selling, alas
Bangle bracelets by Torrid
Flats by Walking Cradles

But me, I like stripes.  And I'm no fashion police.  If you dig of the acid-wash (or the couch-fabric, for that matter) you have free rein!  There are those out there who say heels are the only way to go, and I'm a fashion victim in my flats.  As Audra commented here recently, there's a difference between fashion and style.  To each their own... that's style.  I may not be someone who follows every fashion trend, but I think I've found a way to express myself through my clothes.  Or at least, I'm having fun trying.  And isn't that the point?

How about you?  Fashion or style?  Acid-wash jeans?

It looks to be a beautiful weekend.  I'm hoping to kick the cabin fever to the curb... so tomorrow we're off to the Eat Real Fest, followed by a visit with some friends.  We do, however, plan to stay away from the 405 in Los Angeles.  Hope you locals avoid Carmageddon, too!  I'll be back with more on Monday, and 'til then, take care of you!


  1. Style over fashion any day for me! I'm with you on the acid-wash jeans. Let them stay in the 80s!

    Heels are nice but not for everybody, or every situation. Especially if you're walking or standing- ouch! I see the virtues of flats, for sure.

    Love the stripes! And the red accessories with it!

  2. The strips work on you! Don't ask me why, well maybe because the are kinda diagonal, but I am one of the mind to not wear any horizontal stripes!

    Acid jeans, I was too little to remember this fashion do NOT, and I wont be sporting them if they become popular again!

  3. I missed acid washed jeans the first time around - I was too punk rock for them I suppose. Never missed them, and am not going to be running out to buy a pair. Nor am I going to be searching for Dittos to make my ass look like it did when I was 14. However, I do have my eye out for some lovely flowy 30's/70's palazzo pants (which I owned about the same time I owned my white, saddle back, bell bottom dittos).

    The nice thing about age is that you don't need to be a trend-following fashion victim (although I certainly have been all on my own). Once you've experienced enough humiliation via bad trends, you can choose the looks that you feel comfortable in and dress with style.

    Somewhere (under the bed) is a photo of me sporting the white dittos, a puckered fabric body suit and a belt with fringe - all on my perfectly straight, underdeveloped, coat hanger body. I look gross.

  4. I will never wear acid wash again unless it's part of a costume.

    I would, however, love to see bell bottoms return.

  5. I didn't wear acid wash in the 80's and I'm SO not wearing it now that my ass would take up a gallon of acid. LOL!!

    I love your 4th of July outfit! I never look at Old Navy, but that dress is cute, and looks really cool and comfy - perfect for summer. Those shoes? I'm dying - LOVE them. About to go and look them up now. :)

  6. OMG You look POSITIVELY STUNNING in that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L-O-V-E it!!!!!!! =)

    No plans to wear acid wash here...

  7. I must say you totally ROCKED that dress! I have been coveting that dress on Old Navy's website all summer. I might have to pull the trigger and make the purchase. ;)

  8. Love you in that dress, shows off you charms! (how do you write a wolf whistle?)
    Can't do the acid wash, more texture on my thighs is NOT something I am going for!

  9. Agreed 100% about acid wash denim. And surf pants?? Ach, no! I hope those NEVER make a come-back! They were too awful the first time around.

    When it comes to fashion versus style, I'm all about style - as in, personal style. I don't know or care anything about haute couture or what's trendy at the moment. But I do know what styles look good on me, what I feel comfortable wearing, and what I enjoy wearing. That's what matters to me. If someone loves acid wash jeans and knows how to work them into their wardrobe, by all means go for it. I know that they don't suit me, so it's not a trend I'll be following.

    I'm also a fat gal who loves stripes, and from what I hear about upcoming trends, stripes are "the next big thing," so that may be a trend worth following. Depending on what I see out there. If it's a striped top and the cut doesn't work for my body shape, I won't be spending my money. But if it does and I've got the funds to support it, I'll be adding some "trendy" new pieces to my wardrobe. I take what works for me and leave the rest.