Friday, July 22, 2011

Not-So-Ugly Duckling Fashion

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not so much a shoe-girl.

Don't get me wrong - I like it when I can find good-looking, comfortable shoes that compliment my outfits.  But I have extraordinarily wide feet, and that means my options are incredibly limited.  My weight (I assume, because I've never been thin) has also meant that heels aren't comfortable for me.

As a result, I have never, ever in my life built an outfit around a pair of shoes.  And I've never really wanted to.

That is, until I first saw Kobi Levi's imaginative creations.  Have you seen his shoes?  He's an Israeli designer who has elevated shoe design to a unique new level of artistry.  Here are some examples of his work.

Chewing Gum



Olive Oyl


Blonde Ambition


Isn't he a riot?  He made me look at shoes in ways I've never looked at shoes before.  So I thought I'd do the unthinkable... and theme an outfit around shoes.  His shoes.  His swan shoes, specifically, from his bird series.

Incidentally... I'd like to dedicate this outfit to Tom, Lisa, Chris, and Erik, for being my partners in swandom.

Shoes - which we can't buy - by Kobe Levi
Overlapping necklace via
Bakelite bracelet, vintage, alas not for sale
Bakelite earrings, available from Vanilla Wafer Brown
Orange bag from a previous Kate Spade season
Dress by Sealed With a Kiss

Since I've been asked about accessories recently, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on putting this outfit together.
  • The shoes, which are white, black and orange, are the focal point... but I wanted to bring attention to them by adding a few pops of orange, in the bracelet/earrings and bag.  
  • I love a touch of vintage flair so I went with two pieces made of Bakelite, my favorite collectible retro plastic.  
  • Because the orange is so vivid, and the shoes so unusual, I wanted the other elements to be streamlined and modern... put-together, but not stealing focus.  
  • The necklace is simple but a touch unusual - it doesn't compete with the bakelite, yet compliments it (and works well with the neckline of the dress.)  
  • I'm a big fan of black-dress-as-canvas: your pop of color will stand out that much more vividly on a simple black template.  Consider the purple and yellow of my outfit at Eat Real Fest last weekend:

Pardon the re-use of the photo!
Scarf by H&M
Belt by Curvy Girl Clothing
Headband & dress by Target


Can I just say... YAY FOR HAIRCUTS. I'm way overdue and I'm heading into my favorite salon ever, Fandango in Silverlake, for a cut today. So hopefully my new 60-pound-milestone progress photo (and shots from this weekend) will have me looking WAY less shaggy.

All right!  That's the week, folks. I hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend - and if you're local and don't have plans, there's still time to squeak into our Supper Club 600 on Saturday - just give me a heads-up.  I'll be back Monday to keep bringing the fun into this journey toward good health.  And you... keep taking care of you!


  1. Heidi - I thought you meant shoes that were art, as in not wearable! And, I thought, "What a coincidence since I saw this on TV last night.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I love these shoes! The Olive Oil and Blonde Ambition are my faves. Too cool!!!

  3. I meant to write this in the previous comment: Enjoy your salon visit! I can't wait to see photos of the new 'do.