Friday, July 1, 2011

Make it pink AND blue on Fashion Friday!

What's the best part of Sleeping Beauty? (Other than that moment Philip slips behind Aurora to dance wth her, and Aurora realizes she's no longer dancing with an owl?) It's the epic battle... between fairies. Over dress fabric.  Make it pink! Make it blue!

But today I ended up with outfits themed around pink AND blue - accidentally!

 The first outfit is an imaginary outfit was inspired by a brand new plus-sized fashion website, called Clique to Know.  It seems to be cut from the same cloth (see what I did there?) as other haute-designer bargain sites like Bluefly and Net-a-Porter - offering deeply discounted fashions from high-fashion designers.

I've never been much for high fashion - aside from marveling at the artwork on runways.  I've never understood why someone would find it necessary to purchase - for instance - a jersey dress for four or five times the price of what I pay for my jersey dresses.  Mine cost about $20 or $30.  And they have lasted me for a long time.  And they're pretty, and I look nice in them.  Why pay $300 for a jersey dress that is not much higher quality?  Hence my confusion about Rachel Pally's line.  Are her dresses lovely?  Sure.  But are they that much lovelier, that much better quality, than what I'm wearing right now, which I got for all of $26?  Maybe I'd feel differently if I tried one on, wore it for awhile.  Maybe I'd fall completely in love.  Have you tried any of Pally's clothes? Am I missing the boat here? Please let me know!

For now, though, any Rachel Pally dress - even on a discount site - is going to end up in my imaginary outfit closet, not my real closet.  This one was my favorite piece available yesterday on Clique To Know. (Alas, these sales are flash-quick, so it's already gone today, with another sale in its place.)

Dress by Rachel Pally via Clique To Know
Sandals by Nicole Devious via Zappos
Wrap by Nordstrom
Straw tote by Fossil via Zappos
Earrings by Etsy seller Jujudesigns

I just happened to pair pink and blue in my own outfit this week, before I even saw the Pally dress!

Dress by EShakti
Scarf by
Sweater by Torrid, recently trimmed with ribbon by my mother-in-law Jean
Necklace, a gift from my lovely friend Rochelle. (Thanks, Ro!)

Lately, though, I'm finding that the best beauty accessories are the ones that are hard to find.

Such as kitten hair-combs.

And kitten neck-scarves.

It's a beautiful holiday weekend, and I'm off to celebrate it with Tom and Rena!  Enjoy your own celebrations - and I'll be back with you on the 4th with my take on a favorite patriotic recipe of my mother's.  Til then, happy Independence, and take care of you!


  1. Happiness is a snuggly kitten... and lovely hosts like Tom and Heidi! :D

  2. I LOVELOVELOVE that Rachel Paley dress!!! Major lust going on here (and the straw bag - delicious!!!

    And, that darned cat is pretty cute! I get little heart pangs whenever I see him and am filled with joy that he has such a great home.

  3. Yay, love kittens (they grow into cats even better!) Love pink and blue, on you!
    As for quality, I have spent much more on clothing in the past, as a reaction to have a bit of money after years of almost none; I found that the items quality sometimes made the greater expense reasonable, but not even half of the time. So I have reverted to my poorer days ways, sales, thrift stores and so on ; )

  4. It may be a semantic debate, but I prefer people who would consider themselves to be stylish over people who consider themselves to be fashionable, probably because I think the latter are following expensive trends and the former are setting their own trends at a price that's right for them.

    Erik and I were talking about Crafstman houses, and he was explaining that they were basically houses bought stock out of the Sears catalogue, adn then craftsmen came in to give them their unique stamp. I didn't know that. That is awesome! Reminded me of a conversation I had with Cynthia, where she explained that woman would buy template dresses from Sears that they would then tailor to perfectly fit their body type, and those who were able (financially or skill wise) could embellish them further. I love this and idea of "craftsmen" style.

    That said, I will lay down $200+ for an Anthropologie dress, mostly because their general style is a good fit for my body type, compliments my work and social needs, and seem to be generally well made compared to similar clothes I buy from less expensive stores. I will pay more for well made, I guess, with the assumption that it will last longer. And their styles tend to be more classic than trendy, so I know I'll be able to where them throughout the years. And a dress is a one-stop outfit, so I justify spending more on them (when I'm able) than I would a blouse or a skirt.

    I've been thinking about spending more time in vintage clothing stores, to see if I can find sturdy, classic clothes that cost less. And Cynthia always seems to find the BEST 50s dresses at Ross. I suppose I turn my nose up less at fashion when it's Fashion For Less. Heh.

    Love to you and Happy 4th weekend, beautiful girl. Love your blue and pink outfit. LOVE that scene from Cinderella.

  5. I love your Fashion Friday posts because they give me so much inspiration. This is probably a dumb question, but how do you make the imaginary outfit photo? I was thinking that I'd like to do something like that but for some goal weight outfits.

  6. It was great sweating with you at Slimmons :) My Facebook Profile link:!/profile.php?id=791304446

    If that doesn't work, I am listed at Patty McGivern Hanna. Happy 4th! See you on Tuesday :)