Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion Friday... at the Gym?

It's a beautiful September morning, and I am feeling good after another hard workout at Slimmons last night.  I'm not sure what was different, but I actually felt much stronger yesterday.  Maybe the 8-pound free weights I've been building up to are having an effect on my body... or maybe I ate just the right nutritive balance... or maybe my body was happy after all of the water I drank yesterday.

Or maybe it was the fact that four separate people told me last night that I was looking great.  It's been happening a lot more often lately.  At the beginning of my journey, the relatively quick pace of weight loss (and having been a social hermit for the first few months of it) meant that I got a lot of comments all at once.  Over time, as people have gotten used to my weight loss (plus seeing friends more often, and the loss happening more slowly) there have been few mentions of it in person.  Lately, though - especially when I'm in my workout clothes - people have really mentioned it.

I know my proportions have shifted a lot, even while the weight itself is slower-moving than it used to be... but I think some of it must be the way I'm dressing.

Some of you probably read the title of this entry and rolled your eyes.  "The gym is for working out.  The gym is not for looking cute."  And you're right.  I sweat like crazy and look ridiculous when I'm done.  But a few months ago, I used to do it wearing sloppy shirts and wide, wide-legged palazzo pants.

In this photo with Rena, Alexa, Richard & Tom, I'm wearing some of the baggy pants in question.

Richard, style maverick that he is, teased me relentlessly about my baggy clothes.  And thanks to some work for both Tom and myself, I finally had the budget for a few new pieces. I headed out to Target and grabbed a couple of new fitted tank tops and leggings.  (Just in time, too. I wore one of the old baggy pieces last night and I spent the whole night trying to keep them from falling off.)  Once I started wearing the fitted pieces, I started getting a lot more comments about how different I look.

In leggier leggings, with Rochelle

So, yes. The right clothes are important for the gym, too.  They wick away sweat, and they support your body.  They can even look - yes - cute.

With my ladies, Patty & Alexa (plus Patty's little lady Holly), after a very sweaty workout.

Lately to add to the cuteness factor, I've been accessorizing with vintage scarves worn as bandannas.  They're a really cheap and chic way to keep hair and sweat out of your eyes.  I recommend snagging a few at an estate sale or a vintage shop, or even at eBay or Etsy.  They sometimes sell them together as lots, like this one currently running - 47 of them, currently at $9.99.

I'm still a bit scant in the workout clothes department, so today's imaginary outfit is what I'd buy to fill it out a little more.

Vintage scarf via eBay
Sports bra by Champion via Target
Compression leggings by Old Navy
Compression Tank by Marika Miracles for Cacique
My actual shoes - which are terrific - New Balance 993

Woo-hoo! My post is up on the right day, and posted in the morning, even!  I'm off to do some work, followed by preparation for all the home improvements we're doing over the weekend.  I hope that those of you in the States enjoy your long weekend, and I hope that all of you will take care of you!


  1. I've been lusting after that compression tank for a while now! I should just bite the $54 bullet (wait...I think LB is having a 40% off sale) and get it.

    Have a great long weekend!

  2. Half of '80s fashion wouldn't have existed without workout wear becoming more popular and fashionable at the time. Workout wear definitely has a place in the fashion world. If you like to work it at the gym, by all means work it! (And that pic of Richard in fishnet tights and a tutu is absolutely priceless.)

  3. You are looking good! :) And I agree that it's great to look good while you work out. :) So cute, yes.

  4. I am guilty of working out in baggy shirts and especially baggy pants. Since my thighs/butt are my problem areas, it's so hard for me not to envelope them in lots of fabric. I feel more secure that way. But your point is a good one - when I see photos of myself wearing all baggy clothes, I look much bigger than I really am. Maybe I'll take a baby step and start wearing more form fitting tops - like the one that you mentioned in your wish list.

    I haven't seen much plus-sized workout clothes at Target, although I haven't really been looking. I'll need to check it out.

  5. I totally think that wearing cute workout clothes is key to motivation. There are many a day that working out is not on my top things to do, but having a couple items that make me feel good when I put them on can turn things around. Or add to the enthusiasm on the days I am pumped to work out. Coming up with crazy outfits for races helps too- reminds me that this is supposed to be fun as well as healthy.

    Keep up the awesome progress- your "sticktoittive-ness" is awesome. Hoping I can set up a routine and stick to as things slow down this fall.

  6. I really love the Old Navy line of work out clothes. You can find decent discount codes for online shopping with a quick Google search and/or going to

    I also love Sierra Trading Post (I think Steph introduced me to them) for inexpensive, quality sports bras.

    You're doing great!

  7. I am so jealous!