Monday, September 12, 2011

Friend Replyin' Monday

Hello!  It's Monday following a beautiful weekend, and I'm happy to be back and blogging today.

My father is visiting from Michigan this week.  He arrived Friday morning, and I promptly dragged him out with me to finish shopping for Saturday's Supper Club 600.  Such a good sport!  Along with Tom's mom, he helped us to get all the food ready for the party, which was great fun (and which will be the subject of this week's Adventure Wednesday, In the Kitchen, and Fashion Friday posts.)

We also took Dad to Slimmons, where he met Richard for the first time.  Richard was dressed up as King Tut's Tomb, and we are still picking the gold glitter off of our arms and cheeks.  Richard pulled us into the middle of the circle to dance with him, and you can see us boogie together below, at exactly 4 minutes in.

Dad's a skilled handy-man, and he volunteered to help me fix up the bedroom (which I wrote about in July.)  This morning we went paint-shopping and proceeded with wall-spackling.  We'll be painting the wall, the shelves, and the dresser before he leaves on Saturday.  I hope to have some great "after" photos for you soon!

On the blogging front, I just want to thank all of you for your support.  Every time I hear from one of you, it helps me remember why I'm writing this blog in the first place: to remind myself to take care of me... and to remind you to take care of you. 

One thing I dislike about Blogger (which is the online software I use for blogging) is that I can't easily respond directly to you when you comment, and I'm not sure that you see my response when I post it.  So lately, I just haven't posted it.  And I don't like that!  I want you all to know how much your words mean to me.  I'm looking at hosting my own blog so that I can add that functionality, but in the meanwhile, I want to respond to some of the weight loss bloggers who've responded to me recently.  I'm doing that in today's post, and thank you for being with me on my journey! (And hopefully, to link to you so that others can see yours, too.)


Hello, Miss April!  Thank you for your support... and you have mine on your 30 Before 30 journey, too!

Sarah, I've been reading OnMyWeightToHappiness - you should be so proud of your success! CONGRATULATIONS on your crossing that big BMI milestone! I hope to follow in your footsteps by next year.

Suzi, thank you for reading!  I noticed that you recently did a Richard Simmons DVD, and I have to say, if ever you're in my neck of the woods, you have to come work out with the man himself (and me, too.)

KT, I appreciate your support! And, wow, your Christmas Dress for the Countdown is darling.  Can't wait to see how you accessorize it (because I know you're going to make it!)

Hi, Dom.  Your blog name makes me laugh every time I read it.  You kick so much ass, and I'm really glad to be following your blog as well.  Did you end up buying the compression tank we both like so much?  (I am still drooling over it.)

Bella my beautiful, I want you to stop working out in those baggy workout clothes you wrote about in your comment.  I know it feels... I dunno, to me, it feels safer in the baggy stuff.  Covered.  But the truth is that we're not really hiding anything but how much we're changing and strengthening our bodies.  Targed does indeed have some plus-sized stuff.  I'm usually wearing a 3X these days, but the Champion workout leggings in XXL (in the active section) fit me just fine.  Target also sells these "long and lean" tank tops in the plus section that work really well for me.  (I'm wearing one in the video above.)

Hilary, thank you!  I have been working on the positive attitude thing for a long time - through therapy, and watching others in my life.  Congrats on making your first goal, by the way!

Denise, don't be jealous of my Slimmons workouts, just take a vacation to Southern California and come join us!

Elisha, how is your Board of Directors handling everything lately?  Thinking about you.

Tammy, thank you so much for reading!  And also... that outfit you wore on Monday is drop-dead FABULOUS.

PJ Geek... have I told you lately how much I like you?  I like you.  Muchly.

SKM, I have been using your brush-and-floss trick, and it does help!  Thank you for the recommendation.

Ann, thank you for being a new reader!  I love new readers.  And finding new blogs to follow.  You're dead-on about the tooth-aching photos of cake and frosting blobs.  They're not so bad in moderation, but damn, I am glad that I only serve them in moderation, heh!

Jenny O... I don't know if you're a weight loss blogger, but if you are, you must let me know the link!  You reply so frequently and it's so nice to know that you're out there.  Thank you for your support!

Stephanie... you're not a blogger, but I love you and I really need to see some of the outfits you've worn for your races!

Chris M, I always appreciate hearing from you!  Your comments make my heart feel warm and fuzzy. I'm also enjoying the company of your youngest daughter, so although she's not near you, she gets plenty of hugs from us when we see her.  Love to you! 

Sara H. L., you're a Facebook reader, not a blogger.  But I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that you have been taking "take care of you" to heart. Please keep up with that - because you matter. (To me,and to your guys - big and little!)

And last, but very much not least... Erica.  Erica, I don't think I can even contemplate how full up you are.  Of so much.  You've been on my mind every day, and I hardly even know how to say how proud I am of your strength, and how much goodness I want for you and for J.  My heart is with you both.


If you're a reader but you don't comment... boy howdy, do I understand.  I'm a lurker on almost all of the blogs I read, but I'm trying to break myself from that habit.  Maybe if you're less prone to comment, you'd be more open to answering a survey?  I just created one for my readers, and I'm hoping to get your feedback, whether or not you comment here.  You can take it at Zoomerang, or you can take it in the version embedded below.  And thank you, in advance, for your feedback!

OK.  I'm off to paint the town red.  (Or... my bedroom aqua.)  I'll be back tomorrow with a weigh-in and a new breakfast recipe I've been trying.  Until then... you know the drill.  TAKE CARE OF YOU!


  1. Missing you bunches. Seriously!

  2. Your dad is adorable there. But what I noticed most is that you are looking FIT!

  3. Looking fabulous, H!

  4. I love that you and your day went to Slimmons :) I would definitely go if I'm ever close!!

  5. Aww it says the video is private... Missed it!

    For some reason Blogger never wants me to post comments... I have to Click Post Comment and Preview rand0mly several times before it finally takes meto the CAPTCHA. Want to work together and move you to WordPress? :)

  6. I think it's so cute that you took your dad to Slimmons with you. I too couldn't watch the video :( but I'm sure it was awesome! Thanks for the shout out. It seriously made my day!

  7. P.S. I haven't bought the compression tank yet (sigh). Perhaps I'll use it as a reward for something like finishing that 5K in a few weeks - eek!

  8. You are so, so sweet. I am going to head to Target this weekend and look for the long and lean tops, at the very least. I think your legs are slimmer than mine (I carry all of my weight there, and I'm smaller on top/middle). Thank you for inspiring me to get more form fitting.

    BTW - your Fashion Friday posts have inspired me to start taking photos of my own OOTD and post weekly recaps. Because I dress pretty cute for work, if I do say so myself, and I'd like to start documenting all these nice outfits. :)