Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday... hostess edition

I blinked and looked away after writing this entry's title.  And when I looked back, I thought it read "hotness edition."  Well, I guess.  I felt kind of hot in my new dress, an uber-sale score from Lane Bryant. 

Dress by Lane Bryant is - whoa - a size 18/20
Cardigan by Lane Bryant many years ago
Wooden necklace by a local cheap-ass accessory shop

I wore it to Supper Club 600 Italy, with a sweater that is far too baggy.  I have discovered that I am now without black cardigans.  I used to have five.  Now, nary fits me.  I guess I know what my next purchase will need to be.

Since we've been painting and undergoing other home improvement ventures this week, I didn't put together a single outfit since Supper Club.  I have felt extremely schlubby.  So this morning, seeing the distant twinkle of tunnel's end, I put together an outfit that makes me feel great.  It'll arrive on a Fashion Friday sometime soon.

Isn't it interesting how much a change of clothes can equal a change of mood? 

Take, for instance, a fancy affair.  When you put on your dressy duds, your thoughts and actions might become a touch more sophisticated.  (I know mine do.  Tea dress + teacup = subconsciously raised pinkie.)  Or when you come home from a long work day, and throw off your clothes and snuggle up in something cozy and loose?  Don't you immediately feel more relaxed?  Or, like me today, when you put together something that is thoughtful and artful, does your mind feel more put-together? 

It may seem like a superficial change, but if you're feeling down for any reason, consider dressing up.  Sometimes change can work by osmosis - from the outside, in.

I'm off to enjoy the last of my time with Dad before he flies back to Michigan tomorrow.  Have a beautiful weekend, and while you do, don't forget to take care of you!


  1. Hostess -> Hotness is a much more flattering misread than the one my brain keeps doing on your previous post (Mangia -> Mangina)

  2. What a lovely color! You- and that dress are so pretty!

  3. Heidi -

    An 18/20! That is so amazing... good for you! I LOVE to dress up and it truly does change your mood. I am always looking for an opportunity to wear a new (or old outfit) and one of my hats. :)

    I've been taking care of me in small steps. It's been a major transition with my new job to Northampton, MA. The good things are that I am eating 3 meals a day and have cut pop (diet or otherwise) completely from my consumption. I am drinking much more water. I think just these small changes will start making a difference.

    Very happy for you. Keep it up!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly! You look great, that dress flatters you, and our clothes do set our minds. :)

  5. I love how radiant you look in that photo. The colors are beautiful on you. But I know that particular radiance. It's the Heidi!

  6. Beautiful from the inside, out!!:)

  7. I love the colors of your dress. You are so right about dressing up, or wearing any outfit that took time/care to plan out. It absolutely makes me feel better about myself, thus lifting my mood.

  8. You look great. Blue & green are two of my favorite colors together.

  9. Those colors rock, that dress is so lovely!