Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion Fortune-Telling!

Happy Friday, everyone!

It's been a busy and productive week... so think it's time for a little fun!  I came up with a game to play with all of you.

In looking for inspiration for today's outfit, I realized how much style can influence how people feel and act - both from the wearer's perspective and the watcher's perspective. The right combination can make you feel confident, or mischievous, or sexy.  And if you feel that way in your clothes, there's a good chance that those around you will see it too... and your fortune could change, as a result.

So I decided that for today's Fashion Friday column, YOU would be the fashion stylist... and I would be the fortune-teller!

Here's the deal: I offer up several possible wardrobe pieces, for an outfit built around one dress.  And you tell me what combination you would pair.  And I will read your chosen outfit like tarot cards or tea leaves... and tell your (for-entertainment-purposes-only) fortune.

Centerpiece dress: pleated chambray by EShakti
A: Cropped tweed jacket by Jessical London
B:Yellow Shrug by Igigi
C: Moto jacket by alight
D: Diane von Furstenberg Busby Day Scarf
E: Mr. Sophisticated necklace by Etsy artist SweetBlissBistro
F: Orchid and pearl necklace by Etsy artist Lillidoll
G: Cashmere scarf by Nordsrom
H: Chrysanthemum earrings by Etsy artist SilverLotusDesigns
I:Scroll earrings by Etsy artist KarinAllie
J: Emerald glass earrings by Etsy artist lcatlla
K: Phillips-head earrings by Etsy artist smhapenrod
L: Dansko boots
M: Christin Michaels wedges

I hope that you will have fun with this. I know I'll have fun looking in my crystal fashion ball.  Heh. And don't forget to keep checking back as I add the outfits with the fortunes here on the entry!

Teresa's outfit:

When you wear this outfit, Teresa, you will be KICKING ASS and TAKING DAMES.  You're a tough around the edges and you're just coming into your full powers. In the near future, you find yourself in a surprising conversation with someone who may intimidate you.  You'll be bold and strong, but it's your little sophisticated observations (much like your little sophisticated earrings) that will wow them in that chance encounter.  (Well, that and your boots.) 
P.S. - you would look so hot in this, Teresa! I love it!

Kimberly's outfit:

Kimberly, in this outfit, you are ALL THAT AND A BAG OF RUBBER CHICKENS.  Graceful and whimsical at the same time.  Which is just how you carry yourself in your soon-to-occur confrontation with a banana peel.  You'll clock some serious air-time as you slip, but you'll tour-jete out of it and come off looking far better than the banana did.  Just please, please take care to avoid the number 7... I don't know what it signifies, but it's going to be a doozy.

Audra's outfit
Audra, in these threads... you are FANCY-LOOSE and FOOT-FREE.  The boys will wolf-whistle and the girls will wolf-pack around you.  But there's a darker side to this outfit. All I can say is that something dreadful is going to happen to your feet.  I dare not even speak of it, because after it happens, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

Jennie's outfit
Jen, when you go out, you go all out.  And when you go out in these clothes, you're DEFINITELY PUTTING OUT.  Oh, I know. The sophisticated touches all say "demure."  "Elegant." It's layer upon layer of class.  And you know what's usually hiding just beneath that much class?  One hot mama, on the take.  Your mister better brace himself! Do you need a babysitter?

Cindy's outfit
Cindy, the flowers are in bloom... and in this outfit, YOU ARE BLOOMING LIKE AN ONION AT OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.  You may chance to rekindle a friendship with a long-lost bosom pal soon, and what she has to tell you about her memories of you will delight you.  Also, it's too hazy to tell yet, but it's possible that the world's most satisfying dinner has your name on it... and soon.

Rena's outfit
Rena, in this outfit you are twinkling like a firework. You will make them go AH, AH, AH.  (And OH, OH, OH.)  The "them" in question is a series of handsome gentlemen.  They will be drawn to your inner sparkle - and your outer va-voom.  As long as you don't go line-dancing with them (as untold dangers lurk at the cowboy bar) the outcome looks incredibly swell.

Leanne's outfit
Leanne, your BOOTS ARE MADE FOR SWANKIN'.  And that's just what you'll do.  You'll show everyone in your new town that a buttoned-up professional lady can kick up her heels with the best of 'em.  Be wary of furry things, though.  They have a way with dismantling footwear.

Joanne's outfit
Joanne, I see your TRUE COLORS are beautiful like a rainbow.  Which stands to reason, because there I see a man in your future.  No, not your husband.  (Though of course he's there, too.)  I see a beautiful, sequined, rainbow of a man, who just can't contain himself when he sees you, bursting into hugs and kisses and serenades. 

Katie's outfit
Katie, you had better watch your back, because the ladies in your life are going to be GREEN WITH ENVY of your Von Furstenberg scarf... and how well you rock it.  (I will be the first in line to envy you... this outfit is the closest so far to the one I'd have picked, myself.)  But you, m'dear, will be green with the green stuff.  I see a windfall in your future.
Also a pratfall, but I won't say a word about that to anyone.

Marla's outfit
The elegant wrap, the sophisticated earrings, the ladylike shoes... Marla, you are FULLY-GROWN and you FULLY PWNED.  There will be a moment... I can't tell when, but it seems like it might be soon... where you take a look at where you've been and how far you've come.  And when you're there... don't look down.  Seriously.  Don't look down.  I'm warning you.

Phew! I've finished everything I can finish today, but if you would still like to play, please leave your outfit choices as a comment, and I'll put your fortune up as soon as I'm able!

In the meanwhile... have a beautiful weekend, everyone, and as always, take care of you!


  1. OOooh fun!

    I'd wear: C, I, and L with it. :)

  2. Oh, Heidi, this is fun! It's like shopping, except not having to spend money!

    I LOVE that dress. I think in real life it probably wouldn't flatter my ridiculous boobs, but I love it anyway. I would wear B, E, H, & M. The earrings might be too much with the necklace, but I like 'em.

  3. Hmm. A, F, H, and M. I don't have pierced ears and I need straps on those shoes but this is make-believe, so I'm going for it. =)

  4. I & M... and a hair flower :)

  5. I would pick B, but in a purple or fushia color, J and M.

  6. Ooo! I would wear it with G, I and M.

  7. I want to play (next time you have a chance to do mine)! I pick C, K, and M.

  8. Hehe, I would go with E,H,M... though the shoes probably won't be worn much. I really picture myself running around barefoot in this dress... as I tend to do as much as I possibly can.

  9. The day after, I know what the number 7 signifies! It was the number of car wrecks I nearly had yesterday. You were right, I really should have avoided that number. I didn't, however, meet up with any banana peels. And I didn't actually bump into anyone in my car. So, lucky me! I'd wear that outfit again.

  10. I would have done exactly the same outfit as Marla....very cute!

  11. This was so fun! I am in love with those phillips head earrings and I am going to get a pair - thanks for putting the link.

    Also I went to the eShakti site, and I LOVE those dresses. I mean, those are the kinds of dresses I want to wear when I'm at my goal weight!! Again, thank you for introducing the site to me.

    I love how you do these Fashion Fridays and find all of these great designers to share with us. Thank you for taking the time!

  12. That was a lot of fun! Thank you for telling my fortune. I truly do love that sparkly man, and my husband doesn't even mind, LOL!

  13. OMG How fun was this entry?! Love it!