Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh my goozness, it's Friend Makin' Monday

I drafted but did not push this entry yesterday - apologies for the lapse!  Weigh-in Tuesday will follow later today.

I'm trying a new thing this Friend Makin' Monday... introducing one of my friends to you!

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a viral video that I literally watched three times in a row.  It was called "Fat Rant," and in it, a beautiful plus-sized woman took on several different characters, speaking to the camera about what it's like to be overweight, and how to treat overweight people.  It was my introduction to the Fat Acceptance movement.  And it was my introduction to Joy Nash.

Joy Nash developed and wrote the piece as a solo performance, and adapted it for video... which spread like wildfire.  Her performance was smart, insightful, and funny.  I fell in creative-crush.

A year later, I was involved with a Fat Acceptance online community and headed to a gathering of the local Fatshionistas.  (That's not my word, that's actually the name of the group.  Clever.)  When the host called me with information, I realized she was Joy.  That Joy.  Joy!  We met and became friends, and have collaborated on a few creative pieces, including her amazing performance as Roz (the second-grade school newspaper reporter) in our workshop reading of our animated kids' pilot, Bubble Gumshoe.

This year, Joy premiered her solo play, My Mobster, at the Hollywood Fringe Fest, and we had the pleasure of seeing it (both in development, and there at the Fest.)  And it is brilliant.  The Fringe Fest agrees with us: they selected her show for the "Best of Fringe," and it is playing once more, this Saturday.  Tom and I are going to go see it again, and I hope you locals will consider joining us.  She is a firecracker, and her story of a relationship with a wild, romantic possibly-mobster is both hilarious and full of beauty and life.  Just like Joy herself.  Let me know if you want to join us - you can get tickets here.

All right... I'll be back with a weigh-in tomorrow, with some really fun coming soon.  Til then, take care of you.


  1. Joy was an awesome Roz! I'm only sorry I can't come with you to see this great play!

  2. I can't believe in never saw this. Love it! Very inspiring.

  3. I really love the idea of introducing a new friend on FMM. I loved that video of Joy Nash when it first came out years ago. It's great to hear that she's doing so well.

  4. I love the Fat Rant and wish I could have a chance to meet Joy. I'm back at work this week doing prep for the start of the school year and will unfortunately have to work some hours for free on Saturday, otherwise I'd be there with bells on. ...Well, not literally as that would be kind of annoying, but you know what I mean.

  5. wow, my life is seriously enriched from watching that video! Freakin' awesome!!!! :)