Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion Friday at the Drive-In!

Ach, I'm running behind again!  It's Tuesday... and although I missed posting on Fashion Friday, I wanted to conclude with the third part of my B-Movie BBQ series. (Have you seen Part I and Part II yet?)

Here's what I wore to the latest Supper Club 600:

The wind did terrible things to my hair!
Retro camp shirt by Torrid
Black jersey dress by Target
Blown-glass cherry earrings by Anthropologie
Bakelite cherry necklace by
Bat bracelet by Lisa at Inspired Adornments

I was excited to finally wear the camp shirt for the first time.  I bought it online years ago, but it was one of those terribly mis-sized pieces, and fit nothing like the other shirts by the company.  I finally fit into it perfectly, except for the sleeves, which were cinched in far too small for the size.  (It seemed like they hadn't used a fit model.)  My mother-in-law (our tireless volunteer tailor) snipped the sleeves' bands, they were almost too big! 

The shirt has such cute little details - the cheesecake print, the star buttons, and especially the monogram, which is "LS" for the designer, "Lip Service."  In certain online circles I'm actually known as "LS," so it felt like it was made especially for me.

An up-side of inviting creative friends to parties is that occasionally, those creative friends will bring a creative surprise for you.  In this case, my jewelry-designing friend Lisa brought me a horror-themed bracelet for the occasion, since she knew I had themed the event around B-movie horror.  It's adorable, and it's going to get a heck of a lot of use, especially around the Halloween season.  There's a brass plate on the back which is embossed with the word "spooky" - spooky like an abandoned drive-in lot...

OK, maybe an abandoned drive-in lot is not that spooky when I'm smiling.
Tom looked pretty Friday-Fashionable himself, in his retro shirt by Vintage Silk.
(I swear to you, we did not plan our outfits together.)

I'll be back later today with a weigh-in post for Tuesday... and I'm hoping to get back to my regular post schedule starting tomorrow.  Take care of you!


  1. You guys both look adorable. Love the outfits!!

  2. That is a mighty cute shirt, and you and your hubby are so cute. Matt and I match a lot too. It's frightening!

  3. Awww, thanks for show off the bracelet I made! You looked fab - and so very happy the whole night!