Monday, August 15, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: The Driving Force

It's a brand new week and I've already gotten a lot done in a single morning.  Here's hoping that I can keep up my productivity because I have a lot to do!  So let's get this week started...

Today's Friend Makin' Monday question is: what is the driving force behind your weight loss?

Well, I've already detailed my turning point, which was the death of my mother.  And the strongest driving force that has kept me going is, without question, my desire to be healthy.

'Cause I want to spend as long as I possibly can with this guy.
(Taken by Rochelle this Saturday at Slimmons.)

Every little healthy step I take, I am one step farther away from the diabetes that I am working to avoid.  Both of my parents were diagnosed with diabetes as a result of their obesity.  It's just one of the illnesses I'm hoping to stave off through exercise and mindful eating.

I'm lucky.  Although I'm genetically predisposed to Type 2, or adult-onset, I started this process early enough to prevent it, provided I continue making these healthy choices.  Not everyone is that lucky.  Once you've got it, you've got it.  And if you have Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, no amount of healthy eating or exercise can prevent it.

Our friend Madz, a high school student in Southern California, just celebrated her two-year diab-versary of Type 1, and we had the opportunity to celebrate with her (and another friend of ours, her excellent mom Katie Sue, who's a regular reader here.)  We are so proud of the two of them, who have kept Madz alive and kickin' (and even horseback-ridin'!)  To commemorate her two years of insulin-balancing, we ordered her - what else? - a plush pancreas.  Madz and Katie are all-around awesome ladies, and we were thrilled to be there with them for the occasion.

This adorable pancreas is made by I Heart Guts.

I'm off to tic more off my to-do list.  Even if you're as busy as I am... be sure you take care of you, first and foremost!


  1. The pancreas is cute, but not as cute as the couple. You are looking great and I miss you quite horribly!

  2. Is there a carnival game where I can win a plush pancreas?! I wants one!!!

  3. Thank you! The pancreas is soooo cute! Can't wait till it gets here!
    Love, madz

  4. You're looking healthier with every photo. Good work!

  5. You are looking fantastic! Way to go!

    Though, I disagree with the "once you've got it, you've got it." I was a type II diabetic for a little over 5 years (not insulin dependent) and now my diabetes is in remission according to my doctor. I suppose remission isn't "gone" but being able to eat some sugar in moderation again is delightful.

    Of course, I've lost almost 200 that might have helped a little, too. ;)

  6. Stopping by from FMM
    HAHAHA love the plush pancreas! Keep on going. You look fantastic. Love your blog.

  7. You look so good in the photo Heidi! I love your blog <3
    Jenny O

  8. Love the plush Pancreas. It will go well with my plush Gall Bladder. :)